What Do the A and C Mean on a Hockey Jersey?

If you’re a hockey fan, then you’ve no doubt seen players wearing the letters A and C on their jerseys. But what do those letters mean? In this article, we’ll take a look at what the A and C mean on a hockey jersey.

Any guesses? You in the back, any ideas? Write down your guesses, read the article, then post them in the comments. No cheating! I look forward to reading them.

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What does the letter C mean on a hockey jersey, and what does it stand for?

Time for the big reveal. Let’s see who got this one. The C on a hockey jersey stands for… drumroll, please… Captain! Personally, I was going for chief.

Each NHL team is allowed to designate only one captain. There are no co-captains allowed in the NHL.

The role of the team captain

The captain has a large amount of responsibility when it comes to game strategy and they often have a significant impact on team morale.

-They can motivate and inspire their teammates, while also setting an example for the younger players.

-The captain is also usually the team’s star player, and they are often looked to as a leader both on and off the ice.

-The team captain is usually the player who is responsible for communicating with the referees over rule interpretations.

-They are often called upon to speak to the media, represent their team at community events, and serve as ambassadors for their sport.

-The captain also attends award presentations and the team’s social functions.

The role of the team captain- Alexander Ovechkin
By All-Pro Reels

Where does the C go on a hockey jersey?

The team captains wear the C on the left side of their jersey signifying their leadership role. It is a title that must be earned through hard work and dedication, both to the team and to the sport.

How is the hockey captain is selected?

While it is ultimately up to the head coach to choose the captain, input from other players and team staff also plays a role in the decision.

Of course, the team’s general manager and ownership group are consulted to ensure that they are on board with the decision. 

Once a captain is selected, he or she typically serves in that role for the duration of his or her time with the team.

However, although rare, teams may demote a captain and strip them of the privilege.

In short, being named captain of any sports team is both an honor and a responsibility.

What do the A and C mean on a hockey jersey- Sidney Crosby
By Michael Miller

Qualities of a good hockey captain

A good hockey captain is someone who leads by example on and off the ice. They are someone their teammates can look up to and rely on in all situations.

A good captain is also an excellent communicator, both in terms of giving direction and listening to their teammates.

Lastly, a good captain has a first-rate understanding of the game and can make smart decisions under pressure.

Captaincy is an important role on any sports team, and it takes a special person to wear the letter C on their uniform.

If you have the qualities listed above, then you have what it takes to be a great captain.

Maybe even lead your team to the Stanley cup finals one day!

What do the A and C on a hockey jersey mean-kids playing hockey

Why do ice hockey teams have captains?

Hockey teams have captains for a variety of reasons:

-The captain is responsible for setting the tone of the team, whether it’s working hard in practice, raising morale on the bench, or being a good sport after a game.

-They also serve as a conduit between the coaching staff and the players, making sure everyone is on the same page.

-In addition, the captain is typically some of the most experienced and skilled players on the team.

This means they can provide valuable guidance to younger players and help them to improve their hockey game.

Ultimately, the captain plays an important role in helping their team to succeed both on and off the ice.

What Do the A and C Mean on a Hockey Jersey? Connor McDavid
By Brian Murphy

Can a goalie be a captain in hockey?

Currently, no. In the NHL, goal tenders are not permitted to be a team’s captain.

It was thought to be too disruptive to have the goalies skate over to the game officials to dispute the rules, and then back to their nets.

Most teams and most fans would agree- just stop the puck and leave the referee confrontations to the veteran players. Goalies have enough on their plates already!

However, throughout NHL history, there have been six goaltenders who served as official team captains:

John Ross Roach- Toronto St. Patricks: 1924–25 season

George Hainsworth- Montreal Canadiens: 1932–33 season

Roy Worters- New York Americans: 1932–33 season

Alex Connell-Ottawa Senators: 1932–33 season

Charlie Gardiner- Chicago Black Hawks: 1933–34 season

Bill Durnan -Montreal Canadiens: the latter half of 1947–48 season

What about Roberto Luongo, I hear you saying?

Well, although on September 30, 2008, the Vancouver Canucks named Luongo to be the twelfth captain in club history, he was never officially recognized as such.

The rules had already been changed to not allow for this.

Roberto Luongo was more of an “honorary” captain and did not perform any on-ice captaincy duties.

He did not wear the captain’s C on his sweater but was permitted to have the letter C painted on his goalie mask.

What do you folks think? Should the NHL allow goalies to become captains again? Should a goalie be able to wear the letter C on their jerseys?

Can a goalie be a captain in hockey?- Roberto Luongo
By Orlandkurtenbach

Famous hockey captains

Here’s a list of some famous hockey captains that you might know, as well as the teams they’re most associated with. Even non-hockey fans will recognize a few of these names.

Add a comment on your favorite hockey captain from this list or mention someone that I might have missed!

Wayne Gretzky- Edmonton Oilers

Mario Lemieux- Pittsburgh Penguins

John Beliveau- Montreal Canadiens

Bobby Clarke- Philadelphia Flyers

Steve Yzerman- Detroit Red Wings

Gordie Howe- Detroit Red Wings

Wendell Clark- Toronto Maple Leafs

Sidney Crosby- Pittsburgh Penguins

Conner McDavid- Edmonton Oilers

Ray Bourque- Boston Bruins

Mark Messier- Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers

Joe Sakic- Quebec Nordiques and Colorado Avalanche

Maurice Richard- Montreal Canadiens

Henri Richard- Montreal Canadiens

Denis Potvin- New York Islanders

Ted Kennedy- Toronto Maple Leafs

What does the A mean on a hockey jersey, and what does it stand for?

Alright, time for another big reveal. What does the letter A stand for on a hockey uniform?

I’ll give you a hint- it’s not ambassador.

Another drumroll, if you please… The A on hockey jerseys stands for the alternate captain.

Alternate captain, assistant captain, alternative captain. Call them what you will. Any of these can be considered the correct term.

Alternate captains-Evgeni Malkin
By Michael Miller

The role of the assistant captain in hockey

The role of an assistant captain is to support the team captain.

The alternative captain is typically a veteran player who has proven leadership abilities and is a dressing room leader.

In addition to supporting the captain, alternative captains may also be called upon to fill in as the captain in their absence.

Where does the A go on a hockey jersey?

The A on the alternate captain’s jersey is always on the left side.

What do the A and C mean on a hockey jersey
By Lisa Gansky

How is the alternate captain in hockey is selected?

The alternate captain in hockey is usually selected by the referee… Just kidding- seeing who’s paying attention.

Typically the coach will also select the alternative captains.

However, there are a few different ways that this can be done.

As I mentioned previously, the team’s coaches can select the alternate captain.

Other times, the team’s general manager will make the selection.

In some cases, the team captain may even choose to vote on who the alternate captain should be.

Whichever method is used, the goal is to select a player who is a leader.

A player who has the respect of his teammates and who is able to step up when needed.

Wearing the “A” is an honor that is bestowed upon a select few, and is a testament to a player’s character and leadership skills.

Qualities of a good assistant captain in hockey

When it comes to being an alternate captain in hockey, there are a few key qualities that are essential for the role.

The alternate captain should be players that their teammates to up to and count on to provide guidance.

Additionally, they should be excellent communicators and be able to effectively relay information from the coaching staff to their teammates.

They should also have a strong work ethic and set an example for their teammates both in practice and in games.

Lastly, they should be someone that is able to maintain their composure under pressure and be a calming influence in the dressing room or on the bench.

Alternate captains that possess these qualities, will be well-equipped to help lead their team to success.

What do the A and C on mean on a hockey jeresey- Backstrom
By Michael Miller

Why do hockey teams have assistant or alternate captains?

Hockey is a sport that requires both physical and mental toughness.

In addition to being able to skate fast and hit hard, hockey players need to be able to think quickly and make split-second decisions.

Multiple levels of leadership are required to keep this complex and ever evolving atmosphere functioning properly.

This is why hockey teams are allowed to have up to three alternate captains, as they provide an extra level of leadership on the ice.

Most teams run with one captain and two alternate captains.

Assistant captains typically handle many of the same duties as the captain, such as talking to officials, disputing rules, and communicating with the coach.

However, they also often serve as a sounding board for the captain and help to keep the team focused during the hockey game.

Alternate captains typically step into the captain’s role when he or she is not on the ice, and they also frequently serve as leaders in the locker room.

Regardless of their specific duties, all captains, be they alternates or not, play an important role in ensuring that their team is successful.

Picking your jersey number

Now that we know what the A and C on a hockey jersey mean, you should spend some time thinking about what jersey number you want to be.

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Final thoughts

Having a captain and alternate captain is important for any hockey or other sports team. They help keep the players focused and on track, and make sure that everyone is working together as a unit.

They play hard and elevate their game when their hockey team needs it the most.

The captains we’ve mentioned in this article are some of the best in the business, and some have led their teams to victory time and time again.

Do you have someone who fills these roles for your team? Do YOU have what it takes to lead your hockey team to glory?

Thanks for reading!

And as always, it’s been a slice, and keep your stick on the ice!

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