The Best Youth Elbow Pads for Hockey 2023

Reviewed and tested. These are the best youth hockey elbow pads for 2023.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of elbow pads for your child, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will be discussing the best youth elbow pads for hockey.

These elbow pads have been chosen based on their comfort, protection, and durability.

So whether your child is just starting out in hockey or is a seasoned veteran, we have the perfect pair of elbow pads for them!

 Best Youth Hockey Elbow Pads of 2022 
Youth hockey elbow pads

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Best Overall

CCM Tacks AS5 Pro Youth Elbow Pads

This is your best option if money is no object.

Runner Up

Bauer Supreme Mach Youth Elbow Pads

Great balance between quality and price.

Budget Friendly

Sherwood Rekker RE4 Youth Elbow Pads

Decent quality and it won’t hurt your wallet.

Overview: Best Youth Elbow Pads

Here’s a quick overview of our picks for the best youth hockey elbow pads available for the 2022/2023 hockey season.

See below for more detailed reviews of each elbow pads plus our complete top 6 list. We hope you enjoy!

1. CCM Tacks AS5 Pro Youth Elbow Pads

  • Absorbs and disperses the energy from shocks withstood in gameplay
  • Double strap adjustment system
  • Soft and adaptable padding
  • Higher price

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Youth Elbow Pads

The TACKS AS-V PRO elbow pads provide your young hockey player with optimal protection, comfort, and mobility.

The double strap adjustment leaves room for growth and ensures the elbow pad stays in place.

The pads have generous landing areas for the velcro, so it is really easy for young players to strap in.

CCM chose an articulated bicep made of PE foam in order to provide players with more comfort and protection.

The CCM elbow pads for kids are designed with an anatomic construction that replicates the way your arms move out on the ice, so you never have to worry about your protection getting in the way of a powerful deke or slap shot.

The CCM Tacks elbow pads are a great choice for the young player looking for the best protection and a comfortable fit.

2.Bauer Supreme Mach Youth Elbow Pads

  • Elite level protection and mobility
  • Bicep and Forearm padding
  •  Thermo Max Sub liner
  • Highest price point

Bauer Supreme Mach Youth Elbow Pads

Bauer has improved their youth collection by adjusting the sizing for a more ergonomic fit and adding a Y-shaped anchor strap for an easier fit.

AMP technology gives the elbow pad an independent forearm, giving you full range of motion while still providing maximum protection.

ADAPTIV Skin forearm is Bauer’s new protection system that not only conforms to your body shape but also provides a significant layer of defense.

A THERMO CORE liner is infused with an anti-microbial and anti-odor sweat management system that will keep you dry.

With the Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic elbow pads, your child can confidently play without any sacrifice to their speed.

3. Warrior Alpha LX Pro Youth Elbow Pads

  • Molded plastic inserts in the forearm and bicep guards
  • Three piece design
  • Mesh fabric liner
  • Heavier than the CCM or Bauer elbow pads listed above

Warrior Alpha LX Pro Youth Elbow Pads

These pads were designed with youth players in mind and will provide good protection while moving more naturally with your arm and elbow.

Warrior has made improvements to its existing designs, making the Alpha LX Pro elbow pads a great choice for young athletes.

They have new lay flat straps that are easy to use and won’t get caught on your jersey.

They have a mesh fabric liner, which will help keep the pad in place and your player dry during use.

The Warrior Alpha LX Pro Youth Elbow Pads are the perfect choice for young athletes who care about both comfort and protection!

4. Bauer X Youth Elbow Pads

  • Hydrophobic mesh liner keeps player dry
  • Split cap construction
  • Easy to use Y-Shape anchor strap
  • Entry level elbow pad

Bauer X Youth Elbow Pads

These Bauer X Youth elbow pads feature a molded plastic piece that stretches from the elbow to the lower arm area.

This provides quality protection against falls that may occur during gameplay.

Additionally, the product is lined with soft foam to add cushion and comfort for the player’s enjoyment.

The split cap construction and anatomically molded forearm provides protection without restricting your movement.

A sublimated hydrophobic mesh lines the inside of the pad to quickly wick away moisture, so your child can stay light on their feet and allows the pads to dry faster.

This product also features a fresh graphic design with enhanced colors.

Protection, mobility and comfort is what you’ll get with the Bauer X youth elbow pads.

5. Winnwell AMP500 Hockey Elbow Pads

  • Easy to use strapping system
  • CleanSport NXT technology that kills bacteria 
  • Reinforced PE inserts
  • None

Winnwell AMP500 Hockey Elbow Pads

The Winnwell AMP500 elbow pad is perfect for athletes of all skill levels, from beginner to experienced.

It includes all the features you need and want in an elbow pad without compromising on quality or performance.

Winnell’s strapping system is easy to use, with elastic bicep and forearm overlap lock straps that make it a breeze to put on and take off.

The AMP500 elbow pads are made with single density foam for the bicep and segmented forearm protection with reinforced PE plastic inserts to ensure durability and safety.

The CleanSport NXTTM technology helps prevent sweat and stench build-up on kids equipment, so it will last longer and smell fresher.

A great budget friendly choice.

6. Sherwood Rekker RE4 Youth Elbow Pads

  • One piece anatomical elbow cap.
  • EVA 65 foam protection liner.
  • 3 strap elastic closure system
  • Heavier weight

Sherwood Rekker RE4 Youth Elbow Pads

The RE 4 was designed as a two-piece for excellent mobility, with the belief that protection and breathability are of the utmost importance.

Aerofoam was added to both the forearm and outer bicep for just this reason. Additionally, a plastic insert on the bicep piece protects your player during gameplay without sacrificing comfort or breathability.

Your child will be able to focus on their game rather than worrying about whether or not their pads will stay in place, thanks to the secure fit provided by the elastic straps.

A solid, affordable choice for the new hockey player.

How to choose the correct size of youth elbow pads

When shopping for youth hockey elbow pads, it’s important to make sure you get the right size. A good rule of thumb is to measure your child’s arm from the middle of their bicep to the center of the forearm. Using this measurement you’ll be able to determine your elbow pad length. 

The elbow pads should fit snugly to your arm without sliding or rotating when you play.

An elbow pad that’s too large will get in the way of a player’s performance as well as leave their elbows vulnerable to contact with the ice, pucks, sticks and boards.

Additionally, if your elbow pads are too small, they may be uncomfortable and hinder your movement. They also won’t protect your lower bicep and upper forearm as much as you need them to.

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