Best Youth Hockey Helmets 2023: For an Amazing Season!

Protect Your Little Player with the Best Youth Hockey Helmets for the Upcoming Season!

Hockey season is here, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to provide the best protection for your kiddos while they’re out on the ice. The helmet stands out as one of the most crucial pieces of protective gear in any hockey player’s kit.

A good quality, comfortable, and well fitting helmet is crucial for protecting against concussions, broken jaws, knocked out teeth, and eye injuries.

Best Youth Hockey Helmets

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Best Overall

Best Youth Hockey Helmets 2022-Bauer Helmet RE-AKT100

Bauer RE-AKT 100

Top-of-the-line helmet.

Runner Up

CCM Tacks 70

Great quality at a decent price.

Budget Friendly

Best youth hockey helmets

Bauer Lil Sport

Great price and decent quality.

Overview: Best Youth Hockey Helmets 2023

Here’s a quick overview of our picks for the best youth hockey helmets available for the 2023 hockey season.

See below for more detailed reviews of each helmet plus our complete top 4 list.

We hope you enjoy!

1. Bauer RE-AKT 100 Youth Helmet Combo

Best Youth Hockey Helmets 2022-Bauer Helmet RE-AKT100

  • Two-piece shell adjusts with no tools
  • Quick release chin strap buckle for easy on and off
  • Triple density chin cup with MICROBAN antibacterial protection
  • Highest price point

Bauer RE-AKT 100 Youth Helmet Combo

Packed with innovative features, the Bauer RE-AKT 100 Youth Helmet Combo keeps kids safe on the ice with triple-density impact management protection that shields every part of the head from injury.

Its SUSPEND-TECH liner system ensures a custom fit and helps to keep kids’ heads from moving due to direct impact. Helmet includes Dual density ear cover protection at the sides as well as triple density chin cup with PORON® XRD with MICROBAN antibacterial protection which promotes fresher skin.

This is Bauer’s top of the line helmet for youth.

2. CCM Tacks 70 Combo Youth Hockey Helmet

  • FlipClip adjustment
  • Lightweight
  • Elite level of protection
  • Narrow fit

CCM Tacks 70 Combo Youth Hockey Helmet

The new CCM TACKS 70 hockey helmet is a lightweight and highly protective piece of equipment. It features a full-coverage dual-density foam liner for optimal safety. Additionally, the helmet includes integrated ear guards, a pro-inspired outer shell, and a floating chin cup for both comfort and enhanced protection.

Featuring the convenient, tool-free FlipClip adjustment, this helmet makes it effortless for kids and parents to easily wear and remove.

Additionally, the helmet is available in 5 vibrant colors to please your little player.

The CCM Tacks 70 youth hockey helmet is specifically designed for children with more of an oval-shaped head, making it an ideal choice for children who need a more streamlined, narrower fit.

This is a great helmet and because of the easy fit adjustments it has served us for a couple of seasons now.

3. Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

Best Youth Hockey Helmets 2022

  • Quickly and easily adjustable
  • Quick-release snaps secure the cage
  • Comfortable
  • None

Bauer PRODIGY Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

Your child will stay safe on the ice without sacrificing their range of movement or their sightlines. With four J-clips, an adjustable top clip, and quick-release snaps for the PRODIGY facemask, this helmet setup is as comfortable and snug-fitting as it is shielding.

Features include Dual-density foam for protection and two-piece shell for a customized fit.

This highly-rated helmet is available in 3 different colours to please your little ones.

Best Youth Hockey Helmets
6 yr old daughters’ Bauer Prodigy Helmet

4. Warrior Alpha One Youth Helmet

  • Single-piece construction
  • Tool-free size adjustments
  • Offered in 2 colors, black and pink
  • Price

Warrior Alpha One Youth Helmet Combo

This Alpha One Youth Helmet, is crafted to offer top-tier safeguarding, an impeccable fit, and a sleek design tailored exclusively for young players.

This helmet boasts a True One Youth Shell, a single-piece construction composed of high-density plastic, coupled with an EPP liner, ensuring a potent yet lightweight protective barrier tailored to the smaller dimensions of a youth player’s head.

For optimal comfort and safety, their Dial Fit Adjustment system simplifies the helmet size customization with an easily accessible dial situated at the helmet’s rear.

Additionally, the Cage Adjustment system lets you to precisely align the cage with the young player’s chin, offering a versatile range to securely accommodate the player’s face within the cage.

5. Bauer Lil Sport Youth Hockey Helmet Combo

Best youth hockey helmets

  • Lower price point
  • Lightweight
  • Impact absorbing hydrophobic EPP liner
  • Beginner’s helmet

Bauer Lil’ Sport Youth Helmet Combo

Featuring a lightweight EPP liner and comfort foam padding, the LIL’ SPORT provides impact protection for the game’s youngest players.

The occipital adjustment contours to the back of their head for a more secure fit.

This helmet also has multiple vents for excellent air flow and a silver wire cage, so your young player can focus on the game.

What to consider before purchasing a youth hockey helmet

The hockey helmet is arguably the most important piece of hockey equipment a young player needs to wear.

A few key factors come into play when picking a helmet.

Protection– helmets should be certified. You will see a sticker with HECC, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or CSA (Canadian Standards Association) stamped on the helmet to prove it has been certified.

Size– measure your child’s head circumference in the middle of their forehead. Doing this will guarantee both comfort and safety.

You’ll also have to consider your budget before purchasing a helmet. Choose the helmet that offers the most protection within your budget.

Keep in mind that full face protection is a must for under-18 ice hockey players as it will protect them from serious injury during game play.

Players have the choice to wear a full shield or a cage, depending on their preference and level of play. Most youth helmets, including the ones on this list, are sold as a combo which includes the cage.

Best youth hockey helmets
Bauer helmet with cage

How the helmet fits is important

The easiest way to tell if an ice hockey helmet fits properly is by trying it on and shaking your head side to side as well as up and down.

If the helmet wobbles or slides around too much, it’s probably too big and you should get a smaller size.

On the other hand, if the helmet feels uncomfortably tight on your forehead or temples, you’ll want to buy a larger size.

Best Youth Hockey Helmets
CCM Fitlite 3DS helmet with tool free cage adjustment for a better fit

Chin straps

The chin strap is a key part of the hockey helmet because it helps to keep the helmet from moving around during gameplay.

To make sure it fits properly, secure the bottom of the strap under your child’s chin and ensure that it’s comfortable but not too tight.

Weight of the helmet

When shopping for a hockey helmet, it’s important to find the right balance of weight, protection, and mobility.

A super heavy helmet with extra protection might be uncomfortable to wear and could hinder performance.

While a lighter helmet may provide better range of motion, it will also increase the risk of injury.

Finding the perfect balance is key to enjoying the game while staying safe.

Helmet padding

At any level of youth hockey, protection is the most important aspect of buying a new hockey helmet

To assist in protecting the head during gameplay, all certified hockey helmets will include shock-absorbing foams and inner liners.

Helmet warranty

Although hockey helmets are certified, damage can still occur. The helmet’s outer shell can crack in some cases, the foam might become worn down over time, and so on.

Most brands offer customers a manufacturer warranty that covers defects.

Concussion prevention and certification

All youth hockey leagues across the world require their players to wear officially certified ice hockey helmets.

Certified helmets ensure that the helmet was developed after a particular year and includes all of the necessary features and protection for the league in question.

Look for certification such as HECC on the cage or helmet.

Best youth hockey helmets
HECC helmet certification sticker

Helmet structure basics

All hockey helmets share three main parts: an exterior shell, interior liner, and either a cage, or visor.

The type of helmet you use depends on your personal preference and level of play.

Exterior shell

This hard exterior shell of the helmet holds the cage or visor on and provides an additional layer of protection. 

Interior liner

Under the exterior shell is the interior liner and foam padding.

This will give your youngster’s head the majority of the protection against direct impact forces such as collisions, body checks, and other similar situations.

Cage or visor attachment 

Wearing a cage or visor will offer your player much-needed face protection while playing hockey. The cage will prevent players from being hit by high sticks or flying pucks.

Final thoughts

Well, that’s it for our list of the best youth hockey helmets.

We hope you found it helpful. Let us know your favorite youth hockey helmet in the comments below.

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