Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022/2023 season

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2023: For An Exciting Hockey Season!

From well-known brands to budget-friendly options, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the best youth hockey skates for the 2023 season!

Fun fact: The Bauer Vapor Hyperlite is by far the most used skate in the NHL today. Coming in second is the Bauer Supreme Mach, and in third, the Bauer Supreme Ultra Sonic. No, this doesn’t mean that Bauer is the only brand you should be looking at. When you’re dealing with high end skates both Bauer and CCM offer excellent choices.

You can chalk some of this up to marketing. If a skate brand is marketed heavily, naturally, more players will start to use it. And we all know hockey players are creatures of habit. Once you pick a skate it’s hard to make the jump over to another brand. Bauer had been marketed heavily in the past which is why you see a lot of NHL players currently using them.

Here, we’ve reviewed the best youth hockey skates currently on the market. Read on so you stay informed and are able to make a more educated decision on what youth hockey skates to help your kid become a better skater.

kid putting on Bauer skates in dressing room

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Best Overall

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2023: For an Exciting Hockey Season!

Bauer Vapor 3x Pro

This is our pick for the top skate. Both our kids use these skates.

Runner Up

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!

CCM Jetspeed FT485

Excellent choice for a runner up. You can’t go wrong with CCM’s top skate.

Budget Friendly

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!

Bauer Supreme M4

This is our top choice for a nice balance between performance and affordability.

Overview: Best Youth Hockey Skates

Whether you’re a new hockey parent or just looking for an upgrade, finding the best youth hockey skates is essential for a great season.

Here’s a quick overview of our picks for the best youth hockey skates available for the 2023 hockey season.

See below for more detailed reviews of each skate plus our complete top 8 list. We hope you enjoy!

1. Bauer Vapor 3x Pro

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Great foot stability and agility
  • High-performance, comfortable skate
  • Moldable and lightweight boot construction
  • Highest price point

Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Youth Hockey Skates

Meet Bauer’s highest level performing skate for the elite developing player. A high-tech skate that provides lateral stability and lock of the foot, maximizing responsiveness of the boot under quick changes of direction.

3D lasted Curv composite quarter offers lightweight support in a highly thermoformable material, allowing players to personalize their fit as well as increase performance.

With an asymmetrical toe cap that creates a better connection for your foot to the boot by minimizing negative space around the toes.

Also made with high grade steel with a traditional finish and 10′ profile. The 3X Pro also comes with a classic felt tongue that adds premium comfort, protection, and performance.

This skate fits a narrower foot the best. It’s a stiffer boot, but it won’t take your player long to break them in.

2. Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Youth Hockey Skates

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2023: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Lockfit liner-moisture wicking
  • Great foot support and stability
  • Fiber composite with comfort edge padding
  • Higher price point

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Youth Hockey Skates

The Supreme 3S Pro Skate is offered in Bauer’s new Performance Fit System and it’s designed for the elite player. Along with a 3D Lasted Curv composite boot that is fully thermoformable, giving it exceptional comfort and game-ready feel. It also makes it stiff and responsive in the lower portion for an enhanced energy transfer.

The boot has a power cut which offers increased wrap for optimal foot stability, also creating a more efficient stride. The lockfit liner will keep your players feet dry and prevent foot slippage.

The Reflex Tendon Guard, Reflex tongue, and Standard Facing all work together to provide increased forward flex, which adds even more power to the player’s movement. The 3S Pro’s Flex Rating comes in at 80, offering a high level of support and stability for the player.

Just got my daughters pair this week! They’re a great fit for her wider feet.

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2023: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
My daughter’s new Bauer Supreme 3S Pro skates!

3. CCM Jetspeed FT485

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Lightweight
  • High quality moisture wicking materials
  • Memory foam ankle padding
  • Higher price point

 CCM Jetspeed FT485 Youth Hockey Skates

The JETSPEED FT485’s one-piece boot design creates a more direct transfer of energy from player to ice, and the stiffness of its core ensures they can keep it up game after game.

These hockey skates are designed to fit closely and adjust easily, and their cutting-edge tongue technology prevents the laces from being too tight so they can skate to success without worry.

Your player will benefit from a comfortable, high-quality hockey skate made of top-grade material.

The totaldri liner is a made with a moisture-wicking material that will keep feet dry and also keep the skates light, with the added protection against wear or rubbing.

4. Bauer Supreme 3S Youth Hockey Skates

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Great skate for wider feet
  • Durable
  • Comfortable fit
  • none

Bauer Supreme 3S Youth Hockey Skates

The Bauer Supreme 3S Youth Skates grant players the freedom of natural movement with a 3D-Lasted Flex Composite Thermoformable boot.

This gives the skate a light weight feel while still offering a level of protection you’d expect.

Your little hockey star won’t wear out the interior of this skate either, as it’s designed with a lightweight memory foam padding for maximum comfort.

The 3S skate has a “power cut” which is great for increased stability and gives a more powerful stride.

The felt tongue of the skate is designed to give the player comfort and support while leaning forward in their skates.

5. CCM Super Tacks 9380

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Comfortable fit with microfiber liner
  • Durable boot
  • Stiffer design for better energy transfer
  • none

CCM Super Tacks 9380

Ready to take your game to the next level? Introducing Super Tacks 9380 – these wheels are engineered to maximize your comfort and performance. Featuring Injected Core Technology for a durable boot with structural stiffness.

The Tacks Ice Skates from CCM have been designed for players seeking increased power on the ice. With a stiffer boot design than other lines of ice skates from CCM, the Super Tacks Ice Skates offer superlative support and increased power in your stride.

The liner is made from brushed microfiber giving it a comfortable fit with high resistance to wear.

Molded Kid Sizing Zone – It’s never been easier to get the best fit for small feet.

This is a great skate that will provide young players with the support, and comfort to enjoy their time on the ice.

6. Bauer Vapor 3X Youth Hockey Skates

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Memory foam ankle padding
  • Great support and fit
  • Lightweight
  • none

Bauer Vapor 3X Youth Hockey Skates

The 3X Skate features a Digi comp quarter with a softer construction and MotionFlex Technology to increase the forward flex of the boot.

For younger players developing their stride, this ease of flex helps to build good technique.

The Flex Comp quarters provide tremendous support and a lighter weight construction, which makes this the lightest skate on the market at this price point.

It’s 30oz felt tongue works in tandem with MotionFlex to provide support and forward flex for ease of use.

A great all round skate!

7. CCM Tacks AS-580

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Upgraded boot core and memory foam ankle pads
  • none

CCM Tacks AS 580 Youth Hockey Skates

The TACKS AS 580 hockey skates’ ultimate comfort, stiffness and lightweight material. The XS Stainless runner provides a long-lasting edge for sustained performance, game after game.

Your young hockey players’ little feet will stay snug as well as comfortable in the TACKS AS-580 hockey skates.

Also with the injected core technology and the 7mm felt tongue, your budding superstars will be steady on their feet and have ample protection to go all out on the ice.

8. Bauer Supreme M4 Youth Hockey Skates

Best Youth Hockey Skates 2022: For an Exciting Hockey Season!
  • More forward flex
  • Lightweight memory foam ankle padding
  • Heat Moldable
  • none

Bauer Supreme M4 Youth Hockey Skates

Step on the ice with confidence to perform. Constructed for developing performance driven athletes, the M4 skate features elite level fit options and high tech features that allow players to perform at a high level.

Built with a composite material that’s easy to flex, this skate is engineered to produce a strong, powerful stride.

A Pro 48 ounce Felt Tongue with injected metatarsal guard compresses and releases energy, giving you more forward flex, more comfort and more confidence to push past anything standing in your way.

Additionally, this skate has youth specific features in the boot, holder, and toe cap to accommodate smaller feet and build confidence on the ice.

What sizes do youth hockey skates come in?

Youth hockey skates size range is from Y6 to Y13

Hockey skate material

Skates are constructed of many components, each with its own set of properties. The way each component is designed may alter the skate’s fit, feel, and weight.

Liner: The cushioning and comfort-providing material within the boot.

Heel Support : The heel pocket secures your heel and provides stability.

Footbed: The cushioned insert that wraps around the bottom of the inside of the boot. It is usually detachable and may be molded once heated.

Ankle Padding: A foam or other soft material-based pad to provide ankle support.

Tongue: The laces and the front of the foot are protected by this cover.

Quarter Package: The boot shell is designed to be flexible and supportive for the foot.

Outsole: The hard base of the boot. The holder is attached to the outsole/bottom.

Final thoughts

So, there it is! Our picks for the best youth hockey skates for the 2022/2023 season.

There are many different types of skates on the market, so take into account factors such as fit, level of play, and budget.

Then you’ll be able to narrow down the options and find the perfect pair of skates for your child. Hockey really begins with a great pair of skates.

My one piece of advice: Don’t skimp out on skates. Skates are arguably the most important piece of hockey gear!

Once you’ve got their skates picked out, head over and check out our Best Youth Hockey Sticks 2023: For An Exciting Season! article.

Or, if you’re looking to upgrade your youth’s hockey helmet read Best Youth Hockey Helmets 2023: For an Amazing Season!

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