hockey players wearing hockey sock tape over their socks

Hockey Sock Tape-Tape your socks for a better game

As a hockey player, you know that having your socks and shin guards stay in place is important. Otherwise, you could end up with loose equipment or even worse, an injury. That’s where hockey sock tape comes in.

By taping your socks, you can be sure that they will stay put no matter how much you move on the ice.

So why not give them a try? It just might help you take your game to the next level!

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Why do players use hockey sock tape?

For hockey players, having shin pads and socks securely in place is essential to staying injury-free on the ice.

Taping shin pads and socks is a tried-and-true method of keeping them firmly attached without worrying about them slipping during play.

This makes it easier for players to stay focused on their game, since they don’t have to worry about constantly tugging at their shin guards or readjusting them as they’re competing.

Keeping shin pads and socks taped securely means that you get a secure fit every time you head out on the ice.

What tape can you use for shin guards?

hockey sock tape-Tape your socks for a better game

Most hockey players typically use clear tape to ensure that their shin guards are safely and firmly held in place during play. Clear tape easily blends in with your team’s colors.

Of course, clear tape isn’t the only option; you’ll be able to find other types of colored options out there.

The best hockey sock tape

Here are a few of the popular hockey sock tapes on the market today!

Howies Hockey Sock Tape

Howies Hockey Tape Shin Guard Clear 1" x 30yd (90') 2-Pack

Howies Clear Shin Pad Hockey Tape is the ultimate choice for players who want to stay safe and comfortable on the ice.

Its high grade polyethylene construction allows it to conform to contours of your shin pad and leg, providing optimal comfort.

Plus, its durable yet stretchy material ensures that your shinnys remain in place all game long.

Each roll measures 1 inch wide x 30 yards length and is manufactured in the USA.

Comp-O-Lite, Hockey Tape

North American Tapes, Comp-O-Lite, Hockey Tape, 3 Rolls Per Pack, Clear Poly Shin Pad, 24MM X 25M Per Roll, Made in USA, Easy Rip & Stretch

Professional players trust this tape to secure shin pads and socks for an entire game.

It is water resistant, has a strong adhesive that won’t come off during play, and can be easily torn away when finished.

This 1-inch thick roll of sock tape is designed with easy tear-off, so you won’t struggle against the tape while wrapping your shins!

SportsTape Hockey Tape

SportsTape Hockey Tape Multipack, Clear, 6 Roll

This Pro quality hockey tape is made of 100% Polyethylene, giving it superior strength and durability.

The easy tear and serrated edges make it a snap to use while the clear color ensures that your team colors stand out with every hit.

Crafted from only the highest-grade materials available, this product will take your game to the next level!

Renfrew Hockey Tape

Renfrew Scapa Clear Polyflex Shin/Sock Hockey Tape, 1" x 30m

Renfrew Hockey Tape is the ideal solution for hockey players looking to securely hold their shinpads in place.

This highly versatile tape features super stretchability and remarkable memory retention.

The polyethylene material tears easily by hand while retaining its water resistant qualities through even the toughest games!

Phat Shin Guard Tape

Phat Shin Guard Tape provides athletes the opportunity to stand out and express themselves with the many distinct designs available.

With the right amount of stretch for comfortability, this tape ensures a secure hold during gameplay with excellent adhesion qualities.

Alternates to sock tape

For those who prefer a less wasteful solution, Velcro may be the way to go.

The hook and loop design of Velcro provides a secure hold that can easily be undone and moved when needed.

Additionally, it allows for greater flexibility in terms of how tight or loose the shin guards are held in place.

Another option is elastic straps, which allow for an adjustable fit and provide ample support without the need for tape.

Regardless of the taping technique chosen, it’s important to ensure that your shin guards are secure and comfortable during play.

With the right combination of tape and/or alternatives, you can make sure that your shins stay protected and your performance stays at its peak.

A&R Shin Guard Straps

A&R Sports Shin Straps, Junior, Black

A&R’s Shin Straps are composed of durable woven elastic and full-length Velcro straps.

They come complete with two shorter straps for the lower leg as well as two longer ones to fit directly below the knee—all measuring 2 inches in width and 1.5″ for Junior.

A&R Sports Shin Sleeve

A&R Sports Shin Sleeve, Senior

Keep shin pads securely in place with this lightweight sleeve.

For over 20 years, it has been the leading brand for sports accessories.

Plus, its stretchable design is designed to fit any size shin pad, so you can feel comfortable while playing.

CCM Shin Guard Straps

CCM Shin Guard Straps (Junior)

CCM’s professional-grade 2″ wide shin guard straps make hockey pads feel like a second skin.

Each package contains four adjustable lengths to provide an individualized fit, with shorter straps on the bottom and longer ones for the upper portion of your gear.

Forget about using tape; these are the perfect option for comfort and security!

How do you tape a hockey shin guard?

North American Tapes, Comp-O-Lite, Hockey Tape, 3 Rolls Per Pack, Clear Poly Shin Pad, 24MM X 25M Per Roll, Made in USA, Easy Rip & Stretch

Taping a hockey shin guard is an essential skill for any player who wants to ensure they are safe and secure while playing. The process of taping the shin guard isn’t too complicated, but it does require some attention to detail.

First, you want to make sure that the shin guard fits snugly in place on your leg. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, as this could cause discomfort while playing.

Next, put on your hockey socks by attaching them to the velcro taps on your jock or jill shorts.

Now, you want to wrap the sock tape around your shin pads and leg in a figure-eight pattern. This will ensure that it is secure and won’t slip out of place during play.

Some players prefer to wrap their socks around the top and bottom of their shin guards. It’s all about personal preference.

The different kinds of hockey sock tape

There are several types of hockey tape available to choose from, with each providing different benefits.

Cloth hockey tape: is the most widely-used type of tape due to its numerous functions. Players can use it on their stick blade, the butt-end of their stick and even wrap around their shin guards for maximum security. Additionally, it also comes in 1” or 1.5” widths so you can customize your gear according to what works best for you!

Shin Guard Tape: Shin guard tape is an ideal way to hold shin guards in place, just wrap it around your hockey socks. It’s available in many colors, with clear being the most popular choice among players.

Pre-made Rubber Grips: The aptly named rubber grips are a great alternative to cloth tape. They not only emulate its feel but also improve the longevity of your gloves.

Grip Tape: Grip tape can be a game-changer for players who want to keep their gloves in the best condition possible. This special type of tape provides an extra soft and spongy feel compared to traditional cloth taping, making it an ideal choice for your hockey stick.

Electrical Tape: With its slim 1 centimeter width, electrical tape is often used to enhance the grip on a hockey stick’s butt end and allows players to customize it according to their preference.

Final thoughts on hockey sock tape

In conclusion, taping socks and shin guards is essential for hockey players. Not only does it create a firm and snug fit which prevents the sock or shin guard from slipping and sliding, but it can also help to eliminate chafing and irritation.

Therefore, if you are an ice hockey player looking for an easy solution to gaining stability and comfort throughout your performance, make sure to consider taping your socks.

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