How to choose the best hockey balance board

If you’re a hockey player looking for ways to take your game to the next level, then investing in a hockey balance board is an ideal choice. But which are the best boards for hockey players?

In this post, we’ll explore eight of the best balance boards for hockey players and discuss their features, benefits, and how they can help you become an even better player on the ice.

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What does a hockey balance board do?

Balance boards are one of the best hockey off-ice training tools. They provide an effective way to practice hockey specific skills while also building strength and stamina. From improving coordination and agility to increasing core strength, there are many benefits that hockey players can experience with a balance board.

In addition, using a hockey balance board can help increase leg strength and stamina, both of which are important for skating faster and longer on the ice.

You’ll also improve your reaction time using a balance board, as you stick handle while on the balance board, you’ll learn to quickly shift your weight, making you more agile on the ice.

Furthermore, balance boards help players build core strength which is essential for developing power in shooting and stick handling.

Finally, a balance board will help you build up your ankle strength which is important for keeping your feet firmly planted on the ice.

When buying a balance board, check to make sure that it is stable and durably made so you can practice with confidence. Look for a board with ample space and grip to ensure safety while practicing on the balance board.

The following are 8 of the best balance boards for hockey training:

Take your hockey game to the next level with one of these 8 best balance boards for hockey players. With features like durable construction and adjustable lengths, you can find the perfect board to meet your needs!

Hockey Shot Balance Board-Best beginner board

The Best Balance Boards for Hockey Players

Hockey Shot Balance Board

Feature 1: Durable one piece design

Feature 2: Easy to store and lightweight

Feature 3: Board measures 15.5″ in diameter (great starter level board)

Benefit 1: Perfect your stickhandling skills with this training tool

Benefit 2: Tighten core and strengthen your legs

Benefit 3: Improve on-ice balance

If you’re looking for an effective way to improve your skills on the ice, then the Hockey Shot Balance Board is an ideal choice.

With its lightweight design and easy storage capabilities, you can take this board anywhere and practice your stickhandling drills.

Moreover, the board measures 15.5″ in diameter, making it a solid starter level board. With its circular structure, you can quickly regain your balance in any direction.

Use this board first to stay balanced, then add stickhandling training drills to develop your hands, and increase your balance.

And as your skill level grows, challenge yourself to reach the next level by mastering maneuvers with only one foot.

It has a weight rating of 250lbs.

The Best Balance Boards for Hockey Players- boy on hockey shot balance board

Revolution Balance Board – Best overall balance board

Revbalance 101 v2 - Balance Board Sports Trainer (Blue)

Revolution Balance Board 101 v2

Feature 1: Fully adjustable to be easy, intermediate, or advanced

Feature 2: Includes digital workout library

Feature 3: Exclusive traction surface-comfortable to use with bare feet

Benefit 1:  Improves balance and core stability

Benefit 2: Master your balance skills to optimize your sports performance

Benefit 3: Easy on your joints and good for injury prevention

Unleash your physical potential with the 101 v2 – a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in many ways. To get you started, use the digital guide full of inspiring ideas to help hone and master your balance for improved sports performance. For those just starting out, the 101 v2 is perfect with its simple setup and comprehensive digital guide. As you gain experience, you can move to more difficult modes or even see how far your skills will take you; advanced users are never done finding new ways to push themselves.

This has a weight rating of 400 lbs.

Revbalance 101 v2 - Balance Board Sports Trainer (Blue)

Nalanda Balance Board- Runner up

Nalanda Balance Board

Feature 1: Textured non slip surface

Feature 2: Quality materials

Feature 3: Board measures 33″ in length

Benefit 1: Perfect your stickhandling skills with this off ice training tool

Benefit 2: Tighten core and strengthen your legs

Benefit 3: Improve on-ice balance

Constructed with multi-layered, resilient PVC and a hefty heavy-duty roller, this balance board ensures stability and durability. For athletes, using this multi purpose balance board into their training regimen is sure to bring some versatility and fun into their daily workout !

Boasting a bright top surface, the non-slip design ensures exceptional traction and stability. With its appropriate height roller, it is both challenging and safe for users to stand up on.

Compact and lightweight for easy transport, this board can be used at home or at the rink for a pre-game warm-up.

Its two stoppers provide a range of versatility, making it appropriate for beginning as well as intermediate users.

It has a weight rating of 300 lbs

How to choose the best hockey balance board- boy using Nalanda balance board
My son stick handling on our well used Nalanda board.

4TH BEE Core Balance Board

4TH-BEE Core Balance Boards for Adults, Surf Board Trainer with Adjustable Stoppers, Board Balancing for Exercise, Snowboard, Skateboard, Hockey

4TH BEE Core Balance Board

Feature 1: Premium construction-made from Maple wood

Feature 2:  Multi-functional cork roller

Feature 3: Different deck designs to choose from

Benefit 1:  Comfortable to use with bare feet

Benefit 2: Adjustable stop plate, so you won’t outgrow the board

Benefit 3: Perfect for enhancing coordination, balance and a variety of cross-training needs.

This is a great tool to make your stickhandling drills more challenging. Add this off ice hockey training to your daily routine. The balance board’s superior peva grip provides maximum traction for a secure and stable experience. Outfitted with two detachable stoppers, novices can confidently maintain their balance and avoid taking unwanted tumbles. On the contrary, experienced users are given full command to explore freely when they remove these same stoppers.

It has a weight rating of 500 lbs.

Yes4All Balance Board

Yes4All Premium Bongo Board/Balance Board Trainer with Adjustable Stoppers | Balance Board for Surfers, Hockey, Snowboard Yellow/Black.

Yes4All Balance Board

Feature 1: Easily adjustable stopper adjustments

Feature 2: 3 levels of difficulty

Feature 3: 15-ply premium hardwood

Benefit 1: Interchangeable bases will increase the level of difficulty.

Benefit 2: Doesn’t scratch your floors 

Benefit 3: Improves your stability

This is a great multi-functional balance board that won’t break the bank. This combination includes one Balance Board Trainer, a Wooden Roller, an Air Cushion and Rocker. Perfectly combined to provide you with different levels of intensity to upgrade any workout routine.

It has a weight rating of 300 lbs.

Yes4All Combo Balance Board Trainer, 3-in-1 Set with 3 Interchangeable Bases (Rocker, Air Cushion & Roller) | Multi-Functional Combo for Balance Training

HockeyShot Training Balance Board

The Best Balance Boards for Hockey Players

HockeyShot Training Balance Board

Feature 1:  Heavy-duty wooden board

Feature 2: Dual sided board can be used on both sides to create a different feel/difficulty

Feature 3: Durable grip tape 

Benefit 1: This lightweight 2 piece design for easy transport or storage

Benefit 2: Improves strength and conditioning

Benefit 3: An awesome training tool to work in combination with stickhandling training drills

Take your stickhandling drills and exercise routines to the next level with this HockeyShot Balance Board.

Constructed from heavy-duty engineered wood, this board is incredibly rigid and strong.

The dual sided design allows you to experience different levels of difficulty on both sides depending on your preference. Additionally, the grip tape applied to one side helps you keep secure for a more comfortable workout.

You’ll also be able to easily carry it from place to place due its size and lightweight design, making it perfect for pre-game warmups.

It has a weight rating of 300lbs

Hockeyshot balance board
Hockeyshot balance board

Fitlaya Fitness Hockey Balance Board

Fitlaya Fitness Balance Board Trainer Wooden Training Equipment for Fitness Workout, Hockey‎, Skateboarding, Surfing and Snowboarding (Crown Skull)

Fitlaya Fitness Hockey Balance Board

Feature 1:  Sturdy- made of Canadian Maple wood 

Feature 2: Non-abrasive roller

Feature 3: Durable grip tape

Benefit 1:  Strengthen your legs, abdominals and core muscles

Benefit 2: Budget friendly, won’t break the bank!

Benefit 3: At 29″ long this board is portable and easy to use anywhere

For the serious hockey player, this Fitlaya Fitness Hockey Balance Board offers much-needed stability and balance training. With its heavy duty construction, it is designed as a useful tool for improving coordination, agility and overall confidence on the ice. The durable grip tape ensures you stay in control while practicing your maneuvers.

Strengthen your legs, abdominals and core muscles with this Fitlaya balance board that increases neuromuscular response for fast results!

It has a weight rating of 350lbs.

Snipers Edge Hockey – Balance Board 

Snipers Edge Hockey - Balance Board - One Size for All Ages - For Building Core Strength and Stamina

Snipers Edge Hockey – Balance Board 

Feature 1:  Heavy-duty wooden board

Feature 2:  Felt roller

Feature 3:  Rubber grippers underneath

Benefit 1: Train your hands and eyes to stickhandle and shoot while being slightly off-balance

Benefit 2: Improve your balance

Benefit 3: Develop your core strength

This Snipers Edge brand was started by NHLer and training professional Lance Pitlick. Snipers Edge offers high-quality hockey training products that help athletes improve their skills.

Improve your stick handling and shooting capabilities by training your hands and eyes to maintain their focus despite you being slightly off-balance. All the while you simultaneously develop stronger leg muscles for independent movement.

It has a weight rating of 300lbs

Benefits of a balance board for hockey players

• Hockey balance boards can help you become a more agile and coordinated skater.

• Balance boards help improve stability by strengthening the core muscles that are essential for skating.

• With regular use of balance boards, hockey players can be more confident on the ice and reduce their chances of injury.

• Balance board exercises are easy to learn and make for a great way to warm up before practice or a game.

• Hockey players can take their balance board with them wherever they go, allowing them to train even when they are away from the rink.

• Balance boards offer a fun and challenging way to improve your skating skills while also providing an excellent workout.

What to look for in a balance board?

If you’re looking for the best balance board for hockey training, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want a balance board that is made of high-quality materials and has a solid build. It should also be adjustable to accommodate different heights, weights, and skill levels.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure the board is stable and comfortable to stand on while performing exercises.

The best hockey balance boards come with instructions and workout plans designed specifically for hockey players.

Hockey is an incredibly physical sport, so balance board training can be a great way to improve your on ice performance. With the right balance board and workout plan, you can take your hockey skills to the next level.

Strengthen your muscles, enhance your training intensity and upgrade your reaction speed and agility with the help of a balance board.

How to use a hockey balance board

To get the most out of your hockey balance board, make sure to incorporate it into your exercise and off ice balance training routine!

When you first start using one, test yourself by standing on the board without letting it touch the ground.

You’ll soon find that balancing on a hockey balance board is both fun and rewarding – not only will you be developing new skills but also improving your strength and coordination!

Manufacturer’s strongly recommend you use your board on a soft surface, such as a carpet, or yoga mat, to reduce your risk of injury.

When you become accustomed to the balance board, make sure to incorporate it into other training exercises as well.

It’s essential that you use it when performing stickhandling drills- this will translate directly to better puck control and within a short period of time your progress will be evident!

Are you a hockey player looking to up your strength and acceleration training? Then a balance board is a great training tool to help you succeed!

Doing squats, shoulder press, and other workouts on the balance board will take your workout routine to the next level. Your core muscles will be engaged as you are forced to consider your stability while on an unstable surface.

Balancing on a balance board will unlock substantial gains in agility and strength, opening up new levels of performance.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, hockey players looking to improve their skating and maneuvering capabilities should consider investing in a balance board. Balance boards are simple off ice training device that can offer a variety of benefits for hockey players, including improved agility, coordination, and flexibility.

With the right selection of balance boards around, there is sure to be one that fits any budget and skill level. So grab your balance board and start working on those skating skills today!

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