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8 Handy Medicine Ball Storage Ideas (for your home gym)

Having a medicine ball in your home gym is an incredible investment! It will elevate and diversify your workout routine, unlocking a world of exercise possibilities. From squats to yoga poses, it’s your key to unlocking a world of exercise possibilities. But now comes the challenge: where to store them?

Here are 8 Handy Medicine Ball Storage Ideas designed specifically for home gym owners like you.

They’ll keep medicine balls organized, so you can retrieve them easily without cluttering your space!

Get ready to take your home workouts to the next level with these medicine ball storage solutions. Let’s make your fitness journey even more exciting and convenient!

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How do you store medicine balls?-List of medicine ball storage ideas

Medicine ball workouts are a great way to exercise your whole body, and home gym enthusiasts are buying them up like crazy.

But where do you store them once you have them?

Since most of us have limited floor space in our small home gyms maximizing every inch becomes crucial.

This means trying to store our fitness equipment on a rack along a wall, or even directly on the wall itself.

And the same is true with medicine balls.

Just make sure your storage solution can handle the weight of your medicine balls securely.

And remember, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly and mounting to ensure a seamless and energizing experience!

1) CAP Barbell 24″ Utility Rack for Dumbbells, Medicine Balls and Kettlebells

CAP Barbell 24" Utility Rack for Dumbbells, Medicine Balls and Kettlebells

This popular and well-rated storage rack from the company CAP can hold your medicine balls, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Designed to maximize storage capacity while taking up minimal space, this rack offers a compact storage solution for your fitness equipment. 

However, if you need a way to store your dumbbells, medicine balls and standard-sized barbell plates, check out the next option.

2) Weight Storage Rack for Medicine Balls, Dumbbells and Standard Weight Plates

Sunny Health & Fitness Multi-Weight Storage Rack Stand - SF-XF921036

Here is a great option if you need to store your medicine balls and you have standard-sized barbell plates.

This rack from Sunny Health & Fitness has horizontal support posts that will hold your standard 1-inch diameter barbell plates.

So you can store your medicine balls, slam balls or kettlebells up top, your dumbbells on the other horizontal shelves and your barbell plates on the side posts.

You’ll be able to store lots of your equipment on this rack and it is just less than 39-inches wide. So it doesn’t hog a lot of floor space.

 Get organized and supercharge your fitness setup with this versatile storage solution!

3) Use Existing Dumbbell Rack for Medicine Ball Storage

slam balls sitting on a dumbbell rack that has a pool noodle over the straight edge of the rack to prevent slam balls from being indented.

If you already own a dumbbell rack, here’s a handy trick you can try! 

Transform your rack to accommodate your slam balls and medicine balls by covering the straight edge with a pool noodle. No more worries about dents or indentations!

All you need to do is cut the pool noodle in half, then slice it lengthwise with a box cutter.

Place it over the rack’s straight edge, and voila!

Your slam balls and medicine balls are now safeguarded, ready to endure any hardcore workout.

Let this clever technique boost their longevity and keep them in pristine condition.

4) Body Solid Medicine Ball Rack (compact, vertical stand)

Body-Solid Medicine Ball Rack (GMR5)

The company Body-Solid makes this compact medicine ball stand that can hold up to 4 medicine balls or slam balls.

It is approximately 2-feet wide so it won’t take up a lot of floor space.

If you already have other dumbbell storage racks – or only use medicine balls in your workouts – then this is a great option for you.

5) Wall-mounted Medicine Ball Storage Ring (by Iron American)

IRON AMERICAN Dynamax Medicine Ball Storage, Exercise Ball Holder, 8.5 Inches Inside Diameter, 30-lb Capacity, for Gym Exercise Sports Balls, Wall Balls and Slam Balls, Hardware Included

Isn’t this a clever idea!

It’s a heavy-duty iron ring that you screw into your gym wall to hold a medicine ball up to 30 pounds in weight.

It says it comes with wall anchors, but personally I’d want to screw it into a wall stud for extra “peace of mind.”

They market it as being a holder for Dynamax medicine balls, but it will work with other brands too as long as the balls diameter is greater than the 8.5-inch inner diameter of the supporting ring.

It also features a couple of spots to hang some resistance bands or jump ropes.

6) One-sided Medicine Ball Tree (by Champion Sports)

Champion Sports MBR1 Medicine Ball Tree Black, 11.5" L X 3.75" W X 54" H

Here’s another clever space-saving solution for storing up to 5 medicine balls or wall balls.

The innovative tapered design ensures that the ball-support racks are wider at the bottom (8 inches) and narrower at the top (6 inches).

This versatile rack can accommodate medicine balls of various sizes, as long as they do not exceed 11 inches in diameter.

Some users have mentioned that its slender profile may cause a slight wobble if accidentally bumped.

7) Double Medicine Ball Tree (by Champion Sports)

Champion Sports Double Medicine Ball Tree, White, 22.5" L X 11" W X 52" H

Check out the Champion Sports metal, double-sided medicine ball tree! It’s designed to hold up to 10 medicine balls in total, with 5 balls on each side.

The best part? It takes up very little floor space, measuring just under 2 feet wide and 1 foot deep. Keep in mind that its height is 51 inches, so depending on where you place it, it may obstruct your workout mirrors.

Get organized and maximize your space with this versatile piece of equipment!

This storage unit is designed to accommodate balls with a diameter of up to 11 inches. So, if you happen to have a bigger 14-inch Dynamax ball, you can either store it in the top slot or explore alternative storage options.

8) DIY Medicine Ball Storage Rack (using wood and cast iron pipes)

I found this YouTube short video where the YouTuber @KaizenDIYGym makes a great-looking medicine ball rack out of wood and short lengths of cast iron pipes.

If you’re handy with basic tools you could tackle this project.

So the two main ways to store medicine balls are:

  1. Medicine ball racks that stand on the floor (horizontal racks or vertical stands)
  2. Wall-mounted medicine ball racks.

Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of each of these:

Medicine Ball Racks

Medicine ball racks are a popular and practical solution for organizing and storing your medicine balls in a home gym.

These racks are designed to hold multiple medicine balls of various sizes, keeping them off the floor and neatly organized.

You’ll appreciate the easy access to your medicine balls, and you’ll be able to clearly see the weights of your balls, making your workouts more efficient than ever before! 

However, some individuals find that larger racks can take up a significant amount of space in smaller home gyms.

When considering a medicine ball rack, make sure it can accommodate the number and sizes of medicine balls you have while fitting well within your available space.

Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted racks provide an excellent solution for storing medicine balls in your home gym, optimizing floor space! 

These racks or holders are securely attached to the wall, keeping your medicine balls organized and always within reach, so you can crush your workouts without any interruptions. 

One of the greatest perks of wall-mounted racks is their ability to give your gym space a clean and uncluttered appearance, motivating you to go the extra mile!

Now, if you’re a bit hesitant about the installation process, don’t worry – just follow the proper instructions and make sure your wall is strong enough to handle the weight of the medicine balls and the rack.

You’ve got this! 

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