Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing 

Boxing is a sport that requires split-second decisions and reactions. In the blink of an eye, a boxer can slip a punch, set up that counter, and land a big KO. This is why choosing a mouthguard for boxing is so important.

A single punch can cause a concussion, dental damage, or even facial fractures.

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The importance of protecting your teeth and head while boxing

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Because of repeated contact with an opponent’s gloves, it is not uncommon for fighters to experience chipped teeth, broken teeth, damaged braces or even fractures. While these injuries can be treated by a dentist, they can be painful and costly to fix.

To protect their mouths, athletes of any skill level should use a mouthguard while participating in boxing, MMA, wrestling or any other contact sport.

Padded head gear, similar to a helmet commonly used in various other sports, can also be used.

Remember! Concussions can have serious long-term effects. While it may seem like an inconvenience to have to wear extra gear, it’s important to remember that boxing is a contact sport and injuries are commonplace.

The benefits of a boxing mouth guard far outweigh the inconvenience. Your smile and braces will thank you!

What does a mouthguard for boxing do?

FIGHTR® Premium Mouth Guard - for Excellent Breathing & Easy to fit | Sports Mouth Guard for Boxing, MMA, Football, Lacrosse, Hockey and Other Sports | incl. hygienic Box

This popular boxing mouthguard provides maximum protection and comfort. It also comes with a handy hygienic carrying case.

A boxing mouth guard will help to absorb the impact of punches and prevent damage to the teeth, braces and the soft tissues of the mouth.

 By spreading the force over a wider area, the mouth guard can help to reduce the risk of serious injury.

They can also help to protect teeth from being knocked out or chipped. A sports mouth guard can also be used if you have braces or another dental appliance.

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So if you’re stepping into the ring, make sure you’re prepared with a good mouthguard.

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing- Fightr mouthguard
My Fightr mouthguard

Determine the level of protection you need

DAMAGE CONTROL Extreme Impact Mouth Guard, Mouth Guard for Sports, Boxing, Hockey, Lacrosse Mouth Guard, Mouth Guards with Shock Pads for Extreme Protection (Adult, SymBite)

This Damage Control high-impact mouthguard offers the ultimate protection from high impact blows. It can also be worn with braces.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fighter, you need to make sure that your teeth, jaw, and gums are protected during a fight.

The first thing to consider when choosing a mouth guard is the level of protection you need for your sport, which correlates to the thickness of the mouthguard.

Most boxing mouth guards are made up of an inner and outer layer constructed from gel, rubber, or silicone and fit over the teeth. They are available in different sizes and thicknesses to suit different protection levels. 

Your mouth guard boxing needs will be different if you are sparing compared to being in a real boxing match. It could also depend on the weight division you’re currently fighting in and the power of the opponents you’re expecting to face.

Squaring off against Deontay Wilder? Choose the thickest mouthguard you can.

Or, better yet, fake an injury in training camp and just pull out!

boxers fighting-Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Consider comfort

Everlast 1400007 EverShield Double Mouthguard Black/Red

This boil and bite design provides custom molds for a tight, comfortable fit.

It is important to choose a mouth guard that fits well and is comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you may lose focus on your meteoric rise to becoming the undisputed Heavy Weight Champ!

You want to make sure the mouthguard fits snugly and doesn’t cause any discomfort. This could be tougher to accomplish if you’re wearing braces.

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The mouthguard should not impede your ability to breathe or speak. If it is too loose, it can come out of your mouth easily and increase the risk of injuries. If it is too tight, it may cause pain and inflammation in your mouth.

Lastly, make sure that your sports mouthguard covers all of your teeth so that you’re protected while competing in boxing, MMA or any other of the combat sports.

Consider the price you want to pay

You want to find a boxing or MMA mouthguard that is both affordable and provides excellent protection against those high-impact blows.

The cost for a sports mouthguard varies widely, especially if you choose a custom mouthguard.

Make a point to look for mouth guards that have a warranty that can provide you with peace of mind.

There are many different options available, so you will be able to purchase one that fits your budget.

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Material quality and safety

While mouthguards can vary in terms of design and materials, they all serve the same basic purpose: to offer the ultimate protection for your mouth and bite.  

However, it is important to make sure the mouth guard is made from high-quality elements that don’t contain any latex, BPA, or phthalate.

Look for smooth rounded edges that will feel comfortable in your mouth.

Additionally, mouthguards should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Please see article 5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Mouthguard for some helpful information.

Mouthguard appearance

Adult Mouth Guard Sports – Boil and Bite Football Mouth Guard for Ages 12+ & Mouth Guard Case – Adult Mouthguard for Football, Boxing, Lacrosse, Hockey, Rugby & MMA by Jawzz Mouthguards | White

This Jawzz BPA-free mouthguard features distinct and long lasting graphics.

While the appearance of your mouth guard may not be as important as a secure fit.

It is worth noting that there are a variety of mouth guard styles, colors, and patterns to choose from.

Choose a style that gives you confidence while boxing!

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Gel mouth guards- The inner layer

Gel mouthguards are less bulky and are a good option if you are looking for something more comfortable. They are made of a soft flexible inner layer that you bite into which forms around your teeth to provide an excellent fit. This makes them very comfortable to wear.

Some gel mouthguards are a boil and bite mouthguard.

This means that you will place the guard in boiling water for about 30 seconds.

Remove and let sit for an additional 30 seconds, or until it is cool enough to place in your mouth.

The boil and bite mouthguard can now be pressed against your teeth and formed.

The high-impact resistant outer shell

In boxing and MMA it’s unavoidable that at some point you will be taking shots to the head. You’re no “Money” Mayweather just yet! You’re not going to be able to slip every punch.

The outer shell or layer should be able to withstand a strong punch since it absorbs all incoming impact to your face.

Choose a good sports mouthguard that is sturdy enough to take a powerful blow.

External shells are often constructed of a resilient rubber that absorbs shock well and provides the protection you need.

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Airflow design

Airflow design is important for any athlete who needs to be able to breathe easily and efficiently throughout a match.

An important feature of mouthguard construction is an embedded airflow channel which may use vents to allow the user to breathe comfortably as air passes through the structure.

When choosing a mouth guard for your sport be sure to select one that fits well and doesn’t restrict your ability to breathe or speak.

You don’t want to be gassed out and wheezing for air during your boxing or MMA debut.

Of course, conditioning helps with this as well!

Instructions and ease of use

Oral Mart Vampire Fangs Sports Mouth Guard - Adult Sports Mouth Guard for Karate, Boxing, Sparring, Football, Field Hockey, BJJ, Muay Thai,Soccer, Rugby, Martial Arts

 This Oral Mart boxing mouthguard not only has a great design, it’s easy to mold and comfortable to wear.

It’s important to follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure that the mouth guard fits correctly.

Most mouthguards have a 3 step molding process, using hot water to boil the mouthguard to soften the gel and then bite the mouthguard to shape the gel to the contours of your teeth.

Some mouth guards even let you remodel the mouth guard a few times to get the perfect fit.

Incorrectly fitting boxing or MMA mouthguards can do more damage than good. Once the boxing mouthguard is in place, it should be comfortable and not impede breathing.

If the boxing mouthguard is uncomfortable, it is likely that it is not fitted correctly and should be adjusted or replaced.

Try not to bite your mouthguard as this can cause it to break down faster.

By following the instructions that come with their mouthguard, athletes can help to ensure that they stay safe while participating in boxing or other combat sports like MMA.

Carrying case

Any boxing or MMA enthusiast will tell you that a good mouthguard is essential for protecting your teeth and gums while training.

But, what many people don’t realize is that how you store your mouth guard can also have an impact on its lifespan and hygiene.

Sports mouth guards can break down over time, especially if they’re exposed to sunlight or heat. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to store your sports mouthguard in a cool, dry place when you’re not using it.

A storage case is a perfect solution, as it will help to keep your mouth guard clean and protected.

Check this article out for more info on 5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Mouthguard.

Carrying your mouth guard around in a storage case also has the added benefit of keeping it hygienic. If you simply throw your mouth guard into your gym bag, it’s likely to get dirty and full of bacteria.

Don’t be gross! Put it in a case.

By storing it in a case, you can be sure that it will be clean and ready to use the next time you need it. Simply rinse your mouth guard with water after each use and store it in a dry storage case.

So if you’re looking to prolong the life of your sports mouth guard, be sure to invest in a good storage case. It will make all the difference in terms of both longevity and hygiene.

pink mouthguard for boxing and storage case
Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Is a custom mouthguard for boxing worth it?

One option you may be considering is a custom fit mouthguard. A tooth impression mold needs to be taken by your dentist.

A custom fit mouthguard is more comfortable as they are not as bulky and can provide increased oxygen intake.

They provide maximum protection compared to other types of sports mouthguards, as it fits perfectly and covers all of your teeth. You may even forget you’re wearing it!

If you’re a boxing or contact sports participant who wants the ultimate protection and comfort, then a custom sports mouthguard is definitely worth the cost.

However, a custom sports mouthguard is more expensive than other types of sports mouthguards as it requires 2 dental appointments and typically takes about 2-3 weeks to complete.

So, is a custom mouthguard worth it? It’s the best mouthguard money can buy. The decision is up to you to make.

Choosing the Best Mouthguard for Boxing

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the best mouthguard for boxing or any other high-impact sport is the one that provides the most protection while being comfortable and affordable.

When choosing a mouthguard for boxing, or any other contact sport such as MMA, football, or Jiu Jitsu, keep in mind the level of protection needed to ensure that it can absorb the impact and keep you protected.

Additionally, the ease of use and the quality of materials used are equally important to your decision. Always store your mouth guard in a case to protect its durability.

Remember, keep your hands up, chin down and eyes on target!

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