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The Best Hockey Bags for the 2023/24 Season

Gear up with the best hockey bags of 2023!

Best Hockey Equipment Bags: What to Look For

When it comes to hockey, having the right equipment is essential for players to perform at their best. And one essential piece of equipment that often goes overlooked is the hockey bag. A reliable hockey bag not only keeps your gear organized but also protects it during transportation to and from the rink.

In this article, we will explore some of the best hockey bags of 2023, highlighting their key features and discussing what to look for when selecting the perfect bag for your needs.

Best Hockey Bags

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Best Carry Bag

Pacific Rink Player Bag

Top quality hockey bag.

Best Wheeled Bag

Grit HTFX Wheeled Bag

Great bag at a reasonable price point.

Best Budget

Hockey Canada Duffle

A decent quality bag for a great price.

Overview: Best Hockey Gear Bags (2023)

Here’s a quick overview of our picks for the best hockey bags available for the 2023/2024 hockey season.

See below for more detailed reviews of each bag plus our complete top 14 list.

Best Carry Hockey Bags

1. Pacific Rink Player Bag-Senior

  • Removable Wet Mesh Bag
  • Padded Skate Pockets
  • Hideaway Backpack Strap
  • Organization Pockets 
  • Expensive

Pacific Rink Hockey Bags-Senior

Pacific Rink has created a great ice hockey bag, which is a durable and high-quality product specifically designed for hockey players. With a classic style and strong materials, this bag provides functionality and organization for all your hockey gear.

This highly-rated bag has several features to help with organization and convenience: reflective material on the inside for visibility, organization pockets, a top-loading dry clothes compartment that can be accessed from the inside.

As well as a compartment for personal belongings, it has a pocket specifically designed for hockey accessories with built-in sleeves for scissors.

It also features a removable wet mesh bag, an optional center divider, padded skate sleeves with built-in guards for blade protection, and hideaway backpack straps for easy carrying.

Although this hockey bag is more expensive than other equipment bags, it may be worthwhile to invest in a high-quality bag that will last longer.

2. Warrior Senior Pro Alpha Carry Hockey Bag

  • Large and durable
  • Waterproof
  • Clear plastic ID pouch
  • Ventilated -to allow contents to dry
  • No velcro on the straps to keep them together when carrying

Warrior Senior Pro Alpha Carry Hockey Bag

This product features a large and durable main compartment with a vented mesh top panel.

It is designed with internal mesh pockets specifically for storing skates and a clear plastic ID pouch.

Additionally, it is ventilated to allow its contents to dry and is built to the size and specifications used by professional teams.

Plus, it can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Best Wheeled Hockey Bags

 1. Grit HTFX Wheeled Bag-Senior

  • Durable vinyl base
  • BladePort on side of the bag holds your sticks
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Mesh panels on the back to allow for airflow
  • Large bag may be tight in some vehicles and locker rooms
  • Tower bag- some people love them, and some hate them

Grit HTFX Wheeled Bag

The Grit HTFX Hockey Tower Wheeled Bag is great for storing your hockey gear and makes traveling easy.

It has a built-in shelving system and a hanging mesh compartment that allows for efficient gear organization.

The bag is designed to stand on end, making it easier to access your gear when getting dressed.

One side of the bag features a BladePort, which enables you to effortlessly carry up to 2 sticks into the rink (senior and junior sizes only).

Additionally, it has two all-terrain wheels for easy movement and a removable shoulder strap for carrying convenience.

This spacious bag features a removable mesh bag, well as a removable foot carpet.

2. CCM Senior 370 Basic Wheels Hockey Bag

  • All terrain wheels
  • Mesh zippered laundry pocket
  • Lightweight bag
  • Not much for ventilation

CCM Senior 370 Basic Wheels Hockey Bag

This CCM bag has two 4″ all-terrain wheels that make it easy to move on any ground conditions during winter.

It is lightweight yet durable. There’s a large zippered mesh pocket inside that you can use to store personal items or your base layer.

It also comes with end carry handles, a player ID pocket, and over-the-shoulder carrying straps if you prefer carrying it instead of rolling.

Best Budget Friendly Bags

1. Hockey Canada Hockey Equipment Duffle Bag

Hockey Canada Official 30 Inch Hockey Equipment Duffle Bag

  • Water-Repellent Polyester Fabric
  • Uni-Grip Handle
  • Lightweight bag
  • No internal pockets

Hockey Canada Hockey Gear Duffle Bag

This Hockey Canada bag is spacious enough and can accommodate all your gear.

Its sturdy construction makes it durable enough to withstand rough handling, while the comfortable strap makes it easy to carry, even for younger players.

2. Winnwell Classic Team Hockey Bag

Winnwell Classic Team Hockey Bag - Sports Equipment Bags for Ice Hockey, Football, Ringette Gear - Stores Shoulder Elbow Shin Pads, Gloves, Skates, Neck Guard, Helmut, Tape (Youth Red)

  • Heavy duty tarpaulin construction
  • Multiple colour options
  • Lightweight bag
  • No wheels

Winwell Classic Team Hockey Bag

Stay organized and stylish with this Winwell hockey bag, available in black, navy or red to match your team colors.

The bag includes internal skate pockets to hold your skates securely, a zippered pouch to store your small accessories, and an exterior ID window for easy identification.

Winwell’s classic team carry bag is made of durable tarpaulin construction, featuring heavy-duty zippers and 5 cm wide straps.

Best Goalie Bags

1. GRIT Senior GT4 Sumo Tower Goalie Hockey Bag

  • Helmet shelf with mask cover
  • Bungee strap and hooks to attach pads to bag
  • Flow-through ventilation
  • Expensive

GRIT Senior GT4 Sumo Tower Goalie Hockey Bag

The Grit GT4 Sumo Tower Goalie Wheeled Bag is perfect for storing and organizing your goalie equipment.

With its internal shelving system, you can keep your equipment dry in between games.

The external features include a BladePort for securing goalie sticks and quick-release shock cords for securing leg pads while traveling.

You’ll also appreciate the all-terrain wheels, padded ergonomic pull handle, and the two available sizes.

Grit Sumo Hockey tower bag
This is the Grit 36″ Sumo bag.


  •  Large, heavy duty bag
  • Water-resistant tarpaulin
  • Reinforced grab handles 
  • Price

CCM Pro Goalie Carry Bag 

The CCM pro carry goal bag is built with sturdy water-resistant tarpaulin for lasting durability.

It’s blank side panels have large openings, which teams can customize with screened logos. It has reinforced webbed handles on each end, as well as central carry straps.

The bag also features air grommets that promote drying, an internal zippered mesh accessory pocket, and a player ID pocket.

Best Backpack/Hybrid Hockey Bags

1. Bauer Junior Elite Wheels Hockey Backpack

  • Front accessory pocket
  • Backpack carry straps
  • Extension pull handle
  • Materials may not be as durable as adult bags

Bauer S21 Elite Wheel Backpack bag

This versatile wheeled backpack is a great choice for players who require a compact hockey bag that fits easily in locker rooms or homes.

It features backpack carry straps as well as wheels for easy transport.

The main compartment can store all protective gear and contains a zippered mesh pocket for base layers and socks. As well as an accessory pocket located on the front of the bag.

2. CCM 390 Player Wheel Backpack Bag

  • Side skate pockets
  • Padded straps
  • Carry as a backpack or roll it
  • Not waterproof
  • No built-in stick holder

CCM 390 Player Wheel Backpack Bag

If you’re looking for a hockey bag for young players, the CCM 390 wheel/backpack hockey bag may be a perfect fit.

It’s a robust bag that comes with durable zippers and padded backpack straps for comfort. It also has a player ID pocket.

The added benefit is that it has wheels, making it easier for kids to manage the bag after a long practice and alleviating the need to carry the bag.

Best Youth Bags

1. Bauer Youth Core Carry Hockey Bag

  • Large main compartment
  •  Water resistant material
  • Reinforced straps
  • Good price point
  • No ID pouch

Bauer Youth Carry Hockey Bag

Bauer’s Youth Carry Hockey Bag is lightweight and durable, making it perfect for trips to and from the rink.

Bauer’s large main compartment will easily help your child keep their gear in order.

It’s price point is reasonable and the bag is made of durable, water resistant materials.

2. Grit HYFX Hockey Tower Bag

  • Lightweight and durable
  •  Side strap for carrying
  • Mesh panels for airflow
  • Composite frame system
  • High price point
  • Large size -tight fit for my Ford Escape

Grit Hockey Tower Bag

The Grit bag has some great features! There is a mesh panel on the back, as well as a mesh shelf inside, which helps to increase airflow and dry equipment faster.

The bag comes with a clear plastic ID pouch too. It’s perfect for traveling because it is lightweight and sturdy, and can be wheeled or carried easily.

Furthermore, the bag includes a detachable mesh bag and a removable foot carpet.

Lastly, the bag is made with a composite frame system that makes it more flexible and durable.

Best Pond Packs

1. Pacific Rink Pond Pack

  • Wide main compartment
  • Personal belongings pocket
  • Adjustable skate sleeves
  • Helmet hook
  • Pricey

Pacific Rink Pond Pack

Pacific Rink designed this pond hockey bag for people who love playing pond hockey, as well as coaches and referees who don’t need all that extra equipment.

The Pond Pack can be used as an everyday bag when you’re not going to the rink. It features adjustable, built in skate pockets, as well as a couple pockets for tape, water bottle, extra laces, etc. You’ll also appreciate the helmet clip, and the personal belongings pockets.

It offers a great combination of style, function, and durability.  

2. Bauer Pond Hockey Bag

  • Internal organizer
  • Helmet clasp with built in bottle opener
  • Zippered valuables pocket
  • External skate pockets
  • Pricey

Bauer Pond Hockey Bag

This pond pack comes with handy features such as external skate pockets, a helmet clasp equipped with a bottle opener, and a cooler pocket with a zipper.

The top of the bag is oversized and has a drawstring closure and plastic buckle. On the top panel, there is an accessory pocket and a zippered pocket for valuables.

Additionally, it comes with backpack straps made from high-quality Nylon with a sternum strap.

What to Look for in a Hockey Bag

Size and Capacity:

The best youth hockey bag- Grit Tower bag
My son’s tower bag is a perfect fit for all his gear.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hockey bag is its size and capacity.

The bag should be spacious enough to accommodate all your gear, including your skates, sticks, helmet, pads, and additional accessories.

Look for a bag that offers multiple compartments or pockets to help you stay organized and the ability to separate your clean gear from dirty or wet items.


Hockey gear can be heavy and rugged, so it’s crucial to select a bag that can withstand the demands of regular use.

Opt for a bag made from durable materials such as heavy-duty nylon or polyester.

Reinforced stitching, sturdy zippers, and robust handles or straps are additional features that enhance the bag’s durability.

Ventilation and Odor Control:

best hockey bags- the grit airbox
The GRIT Airbox offers great ventilation.

After intense games or practices, hockey equipment can become sweaty and prone to unpleasant odors.

A good hockey bag should have proper ventilation, allowing air to circulate and help dry out the gear.

Look for bags with mesh panels or dedicated ventilation systems to prevent the buildup of moisture and minimize odor.

Mobility and Comfort:

The Grit bag offers a padded shoulder strap as well as wheels.

Carrying your hockey gear can be a hassle, so it’s important to consider the bag’s mobility and comfort features.

Opt for bags with padded shoulder straps or adjustable backpack-style straps for easy transportation.

Wheels or a retractable handle can also be useful for those who prefer to use rolling hockey bags as opposed to a carry bag.

Additional Bag Features:

Some hockey bags offer extra features that can enhance your overall experience.

These may include specialized compartments for your skates or sticks, waterproof or water-resistant materials, reinforced bottoms to prevent wear and tear, and external pockets for storing smaller items like tape or mouthguards.

How Much to Spend:

To choose the right hockey equipment bag for your budget, you’ll have to consider the price.

Cheaper hockey bags may have less storage and lower-quality materials, while more expensive bags often have better features and durability.

If you play hockey frequently, it may be worth investing in a higher-end bag.

However, casual players can opt for a more budget-friendly bag.

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