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The Best Hockey Neck Guards- Comfort And Protection

You can never be too safe on the ice, and that’s why every hockey player should have a good neck guard. So we’ve put together this list of the best hockey neck guards on the market, to help you make the right choice for your own safety. Read on to find the perfect hockey neck guard for your next game!

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Why it’s important to wear a hockey neck guard?

Hockey neck guards are a vital piece of hockey gear, ensuring laceration protection to the neck area. This protective piece allows players to stay safe and uninjured as they participate in their favorite game. Whether you’re a professional or just starting out playing, adding this extra laceration protection is highly recommended for any level of play.

Hockey neck guards come in different styles and sizes so that you can find one that best fits your style of play and protection level needed.

Are Neck Guards Required in Youth Hockey?

How to Choose the Best Hockey Neck Guards. my son wearing a bibbed neck guard
My son’s neck guard offers extended coverage because of its bib design.

Oftentimes, neck guards are required in junior and youth hockey leagues. This is because neck guards provide a layer of protection that helps keep players safe while they’re on the ice.

It also provides them with an extra bit of confidence so that they can play without worrying about getting injured.

Different types of hockey neck guards

When it comes to hockey, neck injuries are a serious matter. We’ve all seen the Youtube videos. That’s why it’s important to wear a neck guard as part of your protective equipment to keep you safe from impact and collisions on the ice.

There are goalie neck guards with different levels of protection and suspension, as well as standard neck protectors that players can easily wear; the latter will be discussed here.

There are also neck guard shirts designed to be comfortable while providing maximum protection against blows. A neck guard shirt is a modern, design that is practical for hockey players to wear. It features a foam-cushioned neck guard that offers optimal protection, conveniently designed into the collar of a long sleeve athletic undershirt.

Whatever your preference may be, finding the best hockey neck guard for hockey is the key to staying safe.

List of the best hockey neck guards 2023

  1. Aegis Interceptor D30
  2. Shock Doctor Neck Guard Ultra
  3. CCM Pro Cut Resistant Bib
  4. Bauer Premium Neck Guard Collar
  5. A&R Sports Hockey Neck Guard
  6. Bauer S19 Long Sleeve Neck Protector Top

1. Aegis Interceptor D30- Best Overall

  • Moisture wicking and lightweight
  • 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber-lining
  • BNQ Certified
  • Adjustable velcro closure allowing for 2” of size variance
  • Also available in bibbed design

The highly-rated Aegis Interceptor Neck Protector, is a revolutionary neck guard designed specifically for hockey players. This innovative product is made with stretch fabrics and Kevlar fibers. It provides advanced moisture control along with unparalleled impact and slash protection.

The Aegis Interceptor offers hockey players unrivaled safety on the ice so they can play without fear of injury or discomfort!

With D30 impact protection at its core, the Interceptor’s soft and flexible material absorbs an impact like no other before returning to its original state.

The Aegis neck guard promises comfort and breathability as well as the ability to significantly decrease the force of an impact to the neck.

2. Shock Doctor Neck Guard Ultra

Shock Doctor Ultra 2.0 Neck Guard Black Junior

  • Cut-resistant aramid fiber reinforced core
  • Adjustable strap for secure fit
  • Lightweight and flexible for superior movement
  • Constructed with soft knit lining and durable outer materials

Shield your neck from painful injuries caused by a skate blade and pucks with this great, lightweight and anatomically shaped protector.

Its core and adjustable hook-and-loop closure make it BNQ certified – designed to provide reliable protection even during the most intense of games.

The shock doctor ultra ensures impact and cut resistance, as well as a moisture-wicking material to keep your entire neck cool and comfortable during your game.

This integrated cut resistant neck guard with easy on and off hook and loop closure provides compression, comfort and protection.

Available in Youth, Junior, and Senior sizes.

3. CCM Pro Cut Resistant Bib

  • Breathable cut-resistant material
  • Flexible molded shape
  • Soft liner interior
  • Adjustable Velco strap

CCM boasts a superior level of quality and craftsmanship in their products. With its perfectly moulded fit that sits nicely around your neck, you’ll find this bib incredibly comfortable to wear.

Its lightweight and flexible design won’t interfere with your performance on the ice. You can always trust it will stay put without needing readjustment, thanks to the bibbed design.

When it comes to defending you against sharp blades, the CCM Pro Cut neck guard is exceptional – boasting certification from CE and BNQ.

Many skaters find that this product provides outstanding breathability, comfort, and a feeling of unrestricted flexibility simultaneously.

Perfect for extended skating sessions or competitive games, the soft inner lining offers complete comfort while protecting your skin from irritation.

Available in Junior size as well.

4. Bauer Premium Neck Guard Collar

  • BNQ and CE certified protection against neck lacerations
  • DuPont ™ Kevlar ® brand fibers
  • HeiQ Fresh technology prevents odor
  • Adjustable collar for customized fit and comfort
  • Thin, and lightweight

Keep your neck safe and secure with the Bauer NG21 premium neck guard collar.

A BNQ- and CE-certified piece of protective gear made from DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fibers for unbeatable cut resistance protection.

Play hockey like never before knowing that you are safeguarded by this worthy neck collar!

HeiQ Fresh technology prevents odor-causing bacteria so you can wear it more often without having to frequently wash and dry it.

Additionally, with an adjustable collar that easily closes for a customized fit, nothing will hold you back when on the ice!

Available in Youth sizes.

5. A&R Sports Hockey Neck Guard

A&R Sports Hockey Neck Guard, Senior

  • Available in Youth, Junior and Senior sizes
  • Incredibly durable and resilient
  • Good value
  • Contoured shape for increased comfort

A&R Sports Neck Guard is designed to protect your neck from injuries.

These protective guards are made of ballistic nylon, which absorbs the impact of sharp skate blades and prevents any cuts or lacerations.

Experience the comfort and protection offered with A&R Sports’ top-notch neck protectors!

6. Bauer S19 Long Sleeve Neck Protector Top

  • DuPont ™ Kevlar ® brand fibers at neck and clavicle area for cut-resistant protection
  • Flatlock seams reduce chafing
  • Easily adjustable neck collar for customized fit and comfort
  • HeiQ Fresh tech prevents odor-causing bacteria

Keep your neck safe on the ice with Bauer’s S19 Long Sleeve Neck Protector top, which offers superior protection against cutting and includes an adjustable collar for a custom fit.

Flat lock seams minimize chafing while its Santized® technology ensures maximum comfort and freshness by inhibiting odor-causing bacteria. Ensure you’re well guarded with this high performance gear!

The underarm gussets and shifted seams were designed to optimize your range of motion. Stay-put thumb loops will keep sleeves securely in place – you can be sure that this garment will provide the ultimate comfort.

The high-definition gripper print on the sleeve helps ensure no slipping or sliding while wearing elbow pads!

For a personalized fit, an adjustable neck collar is included for added convenience.

This popular long sleeve shirt with built in neck protection is available in Youth sizes!

Factors to consider before purchasing a hockey neck guard

Choosing the best hockey neck guard for your needs is easy once you know what to look for!


Look for neck guards that are certified if your league requires them. Certified equipment from a governing body such as the BNQ ( Bureau de normalisation du Quebec) or CE will have a stamp on the neck guard proving it meets the certification requirements.

How to Choose the Best Hockey Neck Guards
BNQ certified Winnwell youth hockey neck guard
BNQ certified Winnwell youth neck guard


When choosing, make sure neck guard fits comfortably around your neck. You don’t want it sliding or shift during gameplay. Look for adjustable Velco tabs to allow for a size variance.


Price should not be the deciding factor, but it is important to make sure you are getting a quality neck guard for your money.


As mentioned there are a few different styles of neck guards- neck guard shirts, a goalie neck guard, and neck protectors (with or without bibs).


Higher-end materials and designs may cost more but are worth the investment if you are looking for something with elite impact neck protection, that won’t restrict movement. Also look for a neck guard that provides moisture management capabilities and won’t cause skin irritation.


You will also want to consider the weight of the neck guard—you don’t want it to feel too bulky while you’re playing! So look for a neck protector that offers a lightweight design that makes for easy movement.

How to properly care for and maintain a hockey neck guard

care and maintain your hockey neck guards.
Bauer, Winnwell, and CCM youth neck guards

Taking care of your hockey neck guard is essential to extending its life and getting the most out of it.

Before having your neck guard machine washed, remove any padding or additional inserts. The machine washable guards can then be put into a gentle cycle machine wash, but you should avoid using fabric softener or products containing bleach.

Air dry your guard afterwards for best results.

This method of proper care will ensure that your neck guard is as robust and reliable as possible on the ice.

For more information on how to clean your gear, see our article The Best Ways To Clean Your Hockey Gear.

The pros and cons of wearing a hockey neck guard

Wearing a hockey neck guard is an important safety measure, and we hope this guide has helped you decide which one suits your needs. Neck guards can greatly reduce the risk of serious neck injuries, which we all want to avoid.

However, there are some drawbacks to wearing a protective neck guard. They can hamper mobility; create a heat-trapping zone that can make the wearer uncomfortable; and limit the overall comfort of play.

Weighing up each of these pros and cons should help you decide which hockey neck guard would be the best for protecting you on the ice.

Are neck guards required in Canadian or US hockey?

How to Choose the Best Hockey Neck Guards-Sherwood neck guard on youth hockey player

Although neck guards are not a requirement for NHL players, they have become a requirement among most minor, junior and female teams.

USA Hockey strongly recommends that hockey players wear neck guards. The Canadian minor league regulations state it is mandatory to have a certified neck guard in place during play.

To ensure that you abide by your local league regulations and guidelines, be sure to check what is required of players before the season starts.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, hockey neck guards are essential safety equipment that helps to protect players from serious injuries on the ice. All the neck guards that were discussed provide ample protection. However, the choice ultimately depends on the specific feel required for your game.

Additionally, properly caring for and maintaining a hockey neck guard will help it last longer and ultimately keep a player safe when out on the ice.

In the end, wearing a hockey neck guard is an important step towards playing safe hockey at any skill level.

Players who wear them can get peace of mind knowing that they are doing their part in protecting themselves from potential harm that could be caused by flying pucks, skate blades or high sticks during play.

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