The Best Hockey Skate Socks – For Guaranteed Comfort

The skate socks you choose to wear during your next game or practice may not seem like a big deal, but trust us – they are!

The skate sock is an important, but often overlooked, piece of equipment for hockey players.

Wearing the right pair of socks can improve your comfort and performance on the ice, so we’ve put together a list of the best hockey skate socks to help you make the right choice.

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Best hockey skate socks 2023

Bauer and CCM are two of the most reputable hockey brands, and they both offer lines of high-quality hockey socks.

However, there are a few other brands that you might want to take into consideration as well.

1. CCM Hockey Skate Liner Socks

CCM Hockey Skate Liner Socks (Junior, Carbon)

CCM hockey skate liner socks are designed with a combination of Coolmax active fabric and lycra fiber to manage moisture, making them durable and comfortable.

These CCM liner socks are form fitting to give you a thin second skin feeling. The reinforced sock trim is designed to stay comfortably in place for the whole game.

With a variety of colors to pick from, you’re sure to find something that will compliment your team’s colors.

2. Bauer Pro 360 Cut Resistant Tall Sock

The Bauer Pro Cut Resistant Tall Skate Sock is engineered with double wall construction in key areas, to minimize lace bite.

It features Dupont (TM) Kevlar brand fibers for skate blade cut resistant protection, and the tall height will offer more leg protection.

The HeiQ Fresh technology prevents odor-causing bacteria so you can wear more and wash less.

It’s unique Y-seam construction improves sock fit within the skate, eliminating sock bunching.

3. Howies Hockey Thin Fit Hockey Sock

Howies Hockey Thin Fit Hockey Sock (S (Mens 3-5.5))

These socks have been engineered with high performance fibers to wick moisture and keep your feet dry all game long.

Made with a Y-Seam that prevents bunching at the toe. They offer a 360° stretch for a comfortable fit.

So thin that it feels like you aren’t wearing socks at all.

4. GearHalo Pro Socks

GEARHALO Superthin Socks - Breathable thin skate socks, ski sock, men, women, figure skating, comfortable, moisture wicking

The All New Pro Sock Line is a very high quality Hockey sock created to be a step up from the SuperThin line.

Quality construction, and specifically supportive arch and heal support set these socks apart.  

These socks offer a 360° stretch and come in 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large to find your perfect fit.

The Y-seam toes feature micro seams that are meticulously hand sewn for a barely visible profile.

They are treated with SilverActiv to combat odor.

These socks are designed with a moisture-wicking fabric that ensures maximum comfort and support.

5. Swiftwick – HOCKEY 360° Cut-Resistant Hockey Socks

Swiftwick – HOCKEY 360° Cut-Resistant Hockey Socks, Moisture Wicking, Full Protection (Black, Medium)

Specifically designed Cut-Resistant fiber provides vital protection for the Achilles and tibial tendons from potential skate lacerations.

Swiftwick’s signature Olefin fiber is a light-weight, high-performance fiber that wicks moisture and dries quickly. This sock directs moisture to the bottom of the footbed where it is eliminated through strategically placed holes.

It is abrasion resistant, strong and colorfast. It features a double welt cuff to ensure the sock stays comfortably in place.

6. ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks

ChalkTalkSPORTS Hockey Half Cushioned Crew Socks | Hockey Player | White/Black | Size Small

These fashionable, cushioned unisex socks look great and provide a secure fit for your skates.

These performance socks work diligently to keep your feet cool and dry.

They quickly draw sweat away from the skin, regulating moisture levels for optimal comfort.

7. Thinees Skating Socks

Thinees Skating Socks (Long, Black)

Thinees’ vapor thin design, wicking action, and four-way stretch engineering make it the industry leader in comfort and a sock worth wearing for any sporting or exercise activity.

These Thinees skating socks are made for the skater who wants to experience a near-barefoot feeling in their skates without actually going barefoot.

They come in a variety of colors, and lengths to suit every hockey player.

8. Bauer Pro Vapor Hockey Skate Sock

Bauer Pro Vapor Hockey Skate Sock, Tall (Large)

Your feet will be snug and dry with these Bauer Pro Vapor skate socks made from Merino wool. This material will draw away sweat and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about feeling clammy during a skate session.

Get the perfect fit with this sock; it is designed to provide an anatomical left and right fit as well as compression arch support.

Constructed from a thinner overall material, you’ll get a forward lean that prevents bunching in targeted zones for extra comfort.

9. Elite Hockey, Notorious Pro-Series Compression Knee Sock

Elite Hockey, Notorious Pro-Series Compression Calf Sock, One Pair (Black/Silver Grey, Small)

The Elite Hockey Notorious Pro-Series Compression Knee Sock offers a 4 way stretch to ensure a light, high performance and perfect compression sock using high-tech materials.

Strategically designed achilles, arch and lower foot sections form cradle pockets to create the perfect balance. They are offered in mid-calf or knee length.

These Elite, Notorious Pro-series socks are designed with the latest 3D KNITTING TECHNOLOGY, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit as well as superior compression.

Choose hockey skate socks that fit well

The Best Hockey Skate Socks - For Guaranteed Comfort

Finding comfortable hockey socks is a must for any serious skater – after all, you can’t have your game suffering because of an ill-fitting sock!

Properly sizing up your hockey skate socks is one way to ensure success on the ice.

The fabric you choose is just as important as the fit. You’ll want something breathable that will also keep your toes warm.

The last thing you want when playing is your socks bunching up or an uncomfortable seam distracting you from making those sweet dekes.

Best material for hockey skate socks

In order to stay dry and comfortable during practice or a game, it is important to wear socks made from materials that will absorb moisture quickly.

Materials such as wool, nylon, or acrylic are great choices for this purpose.

Merino wool socks are a popular choice for players. Wearing these cozy and comfortable socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm in those cold barns.

Nylon and acrylic are both excellent materials for hockey socks because they wick away moisture when your feet start to sweat. This will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Players who want extra protection can find skate socks made from Kevlar, which are cut-resistant.

Look for durable socks

The Best Hockey Skate Socks - For Guaranteed Comfort
Just bought pair of these durable Elite liner socks for my 10 yr old, she likes the way they fit.

Players of all levels should ensure their socks can endure this physically demanding sport.

The hockey skate socks you purchase should be able to withstand the stress of long periods on the ice. Look for materials that are strong, breathable, and won’t wear out quickly.

Moisture-wicking technology in modern hockey socks guarantees players a dry, comfortable experience during their games.

Thick or thin socks?

The Best Hockey Skate Socks - For Guaranteed Comfort
Well loved Thinees socks.

There is an ongoing debate among hockey players about whether to wear thin or thick socks.

Some hockey players prefer thin socks because they like the feel of them, while others find that thicker socks provide more cushioning.

It all comes down to personal preference, try a couple of different pairs to find your perfect fit.

Sock height

There are many options on the market today from skate socks that come up to your knee or a simple pair of ankle socks, you’ll be able to find the perfect length for you.

Although, calf-length socks or longer can help protect your legs from skate blades and sticks. You will also be kept warmer with the extra material.

Do I need hockey skate socks? Or can I go barefoot in hockey skates?

Some experienced hockey players prefer not to wear socks with their skates for the better, tighter feel that it offers.

However, there are several potential downsides.

For example, if you skate barefoot your sweat will increase the moisture inside your skate boot. And once that sweat cools, your feet can feel cold.

Also If you play often this may cause the problem of never having enough time for your boots to dry out completely between games or practices.

If you do decide to skate barefoot, remember to thermoform your high-end skates without a sock for the best fit.

The tradeoff for ditching socks is increased moisture and odor, but some players find the feel worth it.

Final thoughts

Hockey is a tough sport. It requires dedication, long hours of practice, and the proper equipment – including the right pair of socks.

When you’re shopping for hockey skate socks, keep these tips in mind to get the best fit possible.

And with any luck (and a lot of hard work), you’ll be skating like McDavid in no time.

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