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Score Big With This Years Best Hockey Sticks 2023/2024 Season

From well-known brands to budget-friendly options! These are the best hockey sticks on the market today!

In the world of hockey, where every shot counts and precision matters, the hockey stick is arguably the most crucial piece of equipment a player can possess. That’s why our latest article on the best hockey sticks is a must-read for players. We understand that choosing the right stick can make all the difference on the ice, which is why we’ve researched the top options (regardless of price) available today.

Don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your game – read on to discover the best hockey sticks that will help you score big this season.

Score Big With This Years Best Hockey Sticks 2023/2024 Season

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Best Overall

Bauer HyperLite2 

The best stick money can buy.

Runner Up

CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro

A high-end, elite level hockey stick.

Budget Friendly

Bauer Vapor X stick

A good quality stick for a great price.

Overview: Best Hockey Sticks 2023/2024

Here’s a quick overview of our picks for the best hockey sticks available for the 2023/2024 hockey season. See below for more detailed reviews of each stick plus our complete top 10 list.

1. Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2 

  • Low kick-point
  • HyperCore 2 blade
  • Quickest release
  • Price

Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2 

Behold the stick that reigns supreme in the hockey world, a cherished choice among NHL stars. If you’re a skilled player in pursuit of lightning-fast responsiveness and the fastest release imaginable, your game is about to ascend to new heights with this remarkable twig.

The moment you grasp this stick, you’ll be struck by its reduced weight. The HyperLite 2 clocks in at a mere 360g, a remarkable 25g lighter than its predecessor, the HyperLite. Bauer managed to shed this weight without compromising an ounce of durability.

The Vapor HyperLite 2 is packed with cutting-edge technology. Bauer has seamlessly integrated Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) into both the shaft and blade, ensuring a lightweight and perfectly balanced stick for players. By using thinner yet stronger internal carbon fiber layers, ACL enhances the stick’s durability without adding unnecessary weight.

This stick is made for the player who likes to take quick-motion shots, who favors accurate shots and speed. You’ll notice your shots will have heightened stability and snap due to the upgraded HyperCore 2 blade.

This stick is made for the player who likes to take quick-motion shots, who favors accurate shots and speed. You’ll notice your shots will have heightened stability and snap.

Combining tried-and-true elements with cutting-edge advancements, the Bauer Vapor HyperLite 2 stands out as a prized option for players, especially those who cherished the HyperLite but are in pursuit of enhanced agility, power, and tactile feedback.

2. CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro

  • Hybrid kick-point
  • Lightweight and durable shaft
  • Optimized RR-100 blade with nanolite technology
  • Price

CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro hockey stick

Introducing the newest generation of the JetSpeed series by CCM – the CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro hockey stick. This cutting-edge hockey stick represents a significant advancement in performance and functionality, catering to the needs of professional and elite players alike.

One of the standout features of the 2023 JetSpeed stick is its innovative hybrid kick point. This design element is carefully crafted to enhance your performance on the ice, creating a dynamic power hinge effect. It enables you to harness both speed and responsiveness when loading the stick, giving you a distinct advantage.

Additionally, the FT6 Pro incorporates a unique raised grip called FT microfeel, it’s been thoughtfully placed along the lower edges of the shaft’s mid-section. This meticulous placement ensures unparalleled control.

The stick’s outer shield is designed with a combination of unidirectional carbon fibers and CCM’s Sigma STP weave. This unique construction enhances its strength and offers unbeatable protection against impacts during gameplay. It’s like having a shield on your stick, keeping you confident and safe on the ice.

The CCM JetSpeed FT6 Pro is truly impressive, thanks to the groundbreaking Nanolite Shield. This state-of-the-art technology utilizes carbon layers of different thicknesses to significantly reduce weight without compromising durability. It’s a game-changer for those looking for a lighter yet long-lasting option.

Additionally, CCM has improved the blade of their hockey stick to deliver an outstanding feel and improved durability. The RR-100 blade, is designed with cutting-edge nanolite technology and constructed using the high-performance Sigma STP carbon weave material. This combination provides increased stiffness, balance, and durability, ultimately leading to improved shot speed and better control over the puck.

Whether you’re a dedicated player hitting the ice four or more times a week, and demand nothing less than peak performance from your equipment, or if you’re simply looking to experience a top-of-the-line hockey stick, the new CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro warrants serious consideration. It stands as an outstanding choice that delivers exceptional performance for those who have a penchant for the best in the game.

3. True Catalyst 9X3

  • Lightest Catalyst stick
  • Mid-kick stick for optimal control and accuracy
  • Foam core materials
  • Price

True Catalyst 9X3 Hockey Stick

Get ready to take your game to new heights with the revolutionary Catalyst 9X3 Stick by TRUE Hockey! This remarkable stick combines cutting-edge technology and features from the beloved Catalyst stick series. And it’s their lightest mid-kick stick ever!

The blade of this stick is designed with cutting-edge foam core materials and TRUE’s latest quad rib blade structure. This not only improves the overall feel and control but also maintains optimal stiffness and durability. Another standout feature of the 9X3 shaft is Axenic technology, which seamlessly integrates a compression-molded shaft with the blade, resulting in a seamless one-piece construction.

The Catalyst 9X3 shaft and blade are enveloped in a spread tow fabric and RESFLO technology, creating an incredible blend of strength and lightweight design. This synergy guarantees consistent and powerful shots, making it an unmatched choice for players who crave top-notch performance.

The incredible PLD technology in this shaft has been passed down from the previous generation. This innovation works wonders by fine-tuning 25 layers of carbon fiber using a cutting-edge laminate construction method. The result? It trims down the weight while preserving superb durability. Plus, this special laminate construction optimizes the angles of those fibers, making the shaft sturdier and more resistant to impacts. Moreover, the shaft’s shape is designed with square corners and a double concave style, ensuring you get an even better grip and feel when you’re in action.

True has amped up the Mid-kick flex profile to make loading effortless and deliver increased stability in the taper zone of the shaft when you line up your shot.

Unlock your true potential on the ice with the Catalyst 9X3, a stick crafted for elite players who dominate the rink four to five times a week. It’s a masterpiece of modern technology and precision engineering, boasting an expertly tuned mid-kick flex profile that not only sharpens your shot accuracy but also delivers an unmatched feel.

Prepare to elevate your game like never before, courtesy of the Catalyst 9X3!

4. Warrior Novium Pro

  • Lightweight
  • Textured blade
  • FuleCore Ultra blade construction
  • Price

Warrior Novium Pro Hockey Stick

Experience the pinnacle of innovation with the Warrior Novium Pro Hockey stick. This elite mid-kick stick lineup just got even better with substantial enhancements. The Bevel Taper shaft construction is a remarkable addition that enhances control and increases shot velocity.

The Warrior Novium Pro hockey stick, built upon the success of their Alpha LX Pro and QR5 Pro technology, Warrior has raised the bar once again. The Novium Pro boasts a cutting-edge design with Minimus Carbon 25, a carbon fiber weave that reduces weight and enhances puck feel and control. You’ll notice the stick’s geometry enhances response, stability, and overall strength during gameplay.

Warrior maintains its lightweight design by leveraging RLC 188, an advanced carbon composite technology that blends lightweight fibers with thermoplastic-toughened epoxy resin. What this means to you, is superior tactile feedback, extraordinary control, and unrivaled speed.

The Novium Pro showcases Warrior’s innovative FuleCore Ultra blade. This blade incorporates a complete redesign, minimizing material breakdown and increasing feel and durability.

If you’re playing 4-5 a week and are looking for a versatile stick, the Warrior Novium Pro is a great option.

5. CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Grip

  • Best-balanced tacks stick
  • Modern mid kick point
  • ACUFEL Blade with Peel Ply
  • Price

CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Grip

Introducing the CCM Tacks AS-V Pro hockey stick – meticulously crafted with a range of exceptional features. Experience the perfect blend of lightweight construction and robust design, empowering players to unleash powerful and precise shots.

The CCM Tacks AS-V Pro features a mid-kick point design, that enables you to effortlessly load the stick for optimal wrist shot velocity. Shooters are going to appreciate the increased speed and consistency this stick has to offer.

In the AS-V Pro, CCM harnessed the power of Nanolite Carbon Layering and Sigma STP Spread Tow to create a revolutionary shaft. This cutting-edge spread tow design introduces a fresh carbon weave, boosting durability and strength compared to its predecessors, all while keeping the stick lighter and perfectly balanced.

The Tacks AS-V Pro packs a punch with its ACUFEL 2 blade, supercharged with peel ply and bolstered by Sigma STP for extra durability. This enhanced blade strikes the ideal balance, blending stiffness for pinpoint accuracy and control with a touch of softness that elevates your puck-handling finesse.

The innovative V-shape geometry helps effortless stick loading, resulting in enhanced power generation during shooting. All shots will be predictable and consistent as well as ensuring a favorable lower hand grip.

The Tacks AS-V Pro hockey stick, meticulously engineered and expertly crafted to deliver unmatched power and precision in every shot. With its lightweight construction and robust design, this stick is the ultimate choice for players who want to unleash their full potential on the ice.

Get ready to take your game to the next level with the Tacks AS-V Pro!

6. CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro

  • Ergonomic Geometry shaft
  • Agility 3 Blade
  • Low -kick stick
  • Price

CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro hockey stick is the latest evolution in the elite Ribcor stick lineage, engineered to supercharge your game. This low-kick marvel is your ticket to a lightning-fast release, brimming with cutting-edge technologies to turbocharge your on-ice performance.

CCM has fine-tuned the low-kick design of this stick with two game-changing innovations: Skeleton+ Technology and Ergonomic Shaft Geometry. Skeleton+ is the secret weapon, enhancing hosel and taper strength, turning this stick into a durability beast.

And when it comes to the Ergonomic Shaft, CCM doesn’t hold back. They’ve crafted a unique design for each section: you’ll feel the rounded corners and the concave wall on your forehand, and a convex shape on your backhand. This provides the player with seamless energy transfer giving that lightning-quick release and pinpoint accuracy you crave.

CCM incorporates Nanolite Shield technology, a groundbreaking innovation initially introduced in the JetSpeed FT6 Pro stick. This revolutionary shaft design is bolstered by reinforced carbon fiber layers that safeguard an ultralight core, resulting in a 10g reduction in weight compared to the Trigger Pro 7.

But that’s not all – Sigma STP is used in the production of the stick shaft. It’s an elite spread tow fabric featuring a cutting-edge weaving process, that contributes a blend of strength and resilience to the stick.

The Trigger 8 Pro boasts the brand-new Agility 3 Blade, packed with Dual Feel technology and the Sigma STP Spread Tow material. This blade features a dampening foam insert in the heel area that works wonders while you’re stickhandling or passing. Along with the traditional stiffness in the toe and the carbon weave of the STP Spread Tow, it’s the secret sauce for that classic Ribcor quick and surgical shooting style.

The Ribcor Trigger 8 Pro isn’t just any stick; it’s a game-changer, tailored to match the pace of today’s lightning-quick gameplay. If you’re the type of player who thrives on swift, precision shots and values speed over sheer power, look no further – this stick is your ultimate low-kick companion.

7. Sherwood CODE TMP Pro Grip

  • Lightweight carbon fiber
  • I-92 dampening inlay
  •  Improved hybrid kick point 
  • Upper price range

Sherwood CODE TMP Pro Grip

Enter the arena with the CODE TMP Pro, the weapon of choice for the next wave of elite players. This stick is dedicated to lifting the playmaker’s game to unparalleled heights, and it’s fueled by the formidable Mitsubishi Pyrofil Carbon Fiber, representing the pinnacle of power and precision.

What makes the TMP Pro truly special? It’s all about the design. The new R Shape ergonomic shaft, combined with the Energized Velocity Taper, takes energy storage and release to a whole new level of speed and power. It’s like a symphony of unmatched velocity that you won’t find anywhere else.

And let’s not forget the all-new VR92 Blade, revolutionized to its core. The introduction of the I-92 dampening inlay doesn’t just toughen up the blade but elevates the feel for both passing and shooting. With an upgraded Blackline 25K carbon fiber weave, they amped up durability, and thanks to Featherlite XT technology, reducing unnecessary weight from the blade and lower shaft, striking that perfect balance point.

The enhanced hybrid kickpoint optimizes load and release values, resulting in a boost in power and accuracy. It’s designed to take your game to the next level!

8. Bauer Nexus E4

  • Enhanced blade core
  • Mid-kick point
  • Lighted stick in this price range
  • 2 piece stick

Bauer Nexus E4 Hockey Stick

The Bauer Nexus stick caters to performance-level players, offering a spectacular fusion of premium features without breaking the bank.

Bauer’s Nexus sticks are widely recognized for their mid-kick point, making them a go-to choice for players who want that extra “pop-life” and lightning-fast release. They’re loved by many for their extended durability and ability to deliver powerful shots.

What makes this stick special is the E4 version claims the crown for the lightest stick in its price range, tipping the scales at a mere 425 grams. Bauer’s ingenious use of carbon fiber throughout the stick’s construction is the secret behind this feat.

And that’s not all – the blade’s Carbon Fiber and Dual Cell technology play their part in shedding weight. With a clever design featuring softer foam at the bottom and lighter foam at the top, the result is reduced weight, and better accuracy.

And let’s not forget about the ER SPINE Technology – it’s 5-sided shape that removes excess weight.It provides a smooth contouring effect on your hands, effortlessly removing excess layers of carbon for enhanced stick flex when shooting.

The Bauer Nexus E4 stick’s improved blade core and reduced weight guarantee a dynamic release compared to its predecessor, the 3N.

The Bauer Nexus E4 is not just lightweight; it’s a game-changer in terms of performance, all at a great price.

9. True Hzrdus 3X Grip

  • Tri Rib Tech blade design
  • Soft gloss grip
  • Good value
  • Built for beginner players


The HZRDUS 3x is an excellent choice for players who desire a combination of outstanding quality and value. It offers exceptional performance, durability, and playability, ensuring a truly remarkable experience on the ice.

The TRUE HRZDus 3X boasts a soft gloss grip, complemented by a matte blade and the iconic HZRDUS orange splatter design.

Stepping up from the AX5 model, this upgraded True HRZDUS 3X version comes in at a lighter 445g, shaving off 11g.

With a low kickpoint shaft profile, it delivers quick shots and an explosive release. While a rigid taper zone enhances control. Furthermore, the Tri Rib Tech (TRT) structure ensures optimized durability without compromising on its lightweight design.

The blade packs TRUE’s Tri Rib Tech (TRT) technology, offering enhanced durability within an incredibly lightweight design. The strategically placed ribs throughout the blade align perfectly with the puck’s impact points, creating a more stable structure upon contact. This not only ensures greater accuracy but also amplifies the power behind every shot. Get ready to experience a significant boost in your performance.

With a low kick point shaft profile, this stick is a game-changer when it comes to rapid shots and an explosive release. But don’t think that this power comes at the cost of durability.

For players who hit the ice a few times each week and are looking for a quality stick without breaking the bank, the HZRDUS 3X emerges as an excellent option.

 10. Bauer X Series Grip

  • Built on a Vapor mold
  • Carbon fiber blade
  • Improved the release speed
  • Not a performance stick

Bauer X Series Grip Senior Hockey Stick

This Bauer X series is specifically designed for high-level recreational players seeking a versatile mid kick point stick with exceptional value.

The Bauer X series stick offers a significant reduction in weight across all flexes, enhancing release speed for recreational players looking to improve their shooting skills and gain more confidence on the ice.

By reducing weight across all flexes, the Bauer X Series line achieves a new level of performance and balance. It also features a UD Carbon Fiber blade that will enhance feel.

Crafted on a Vapor mold with rounded corners, this stick provides an exceptional feel. It features an easy-to-load construction, perfect for recreational players who want a combo of quality and playability while on the ice.

Now that you’ve got your stick picked out, you’ll want to learn about how to tape a hockey stick. And choosing the best hockey wax.

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