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The Best Women’s Hockey Chest Protectors 2023

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, having a chest protector that is designed for a women, can make a big difference in how comfortable and protected you feel on the ice.

When shopping for women’s chest protectors, you should look for features that have designed specifically with female players in mind.

Manufacturers create women’s shoulder pads with an anatomical fit and form-fitting design, allowing for a more comfortable fit while providing superior protection.

The Best Women's Hockey chest protectors

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Best Overall

CCM Jetspeed FTW

Innovative Women’s shoulder pads

Runner Up

Bauer Vapor X-W

High-end shoulder pads

Runner Up


Great quality shoulder pads

Overview: Best Women’s Hockey Chest Protectors 2023/24

Here’s a quick overview of our picks for the best chest protectors for women available for the 2023/2024 hockey season. See below for more detailed information on each of the shoulder pads for women.

1. CCM Jetspeed FTW Hockey Shoulder Pads

  • DryFoam Technology
  • Elite level of play
  • Maximum mobility and minimal weight
  • Expensive

CCM Jetspeed FTW Hockey Chest Protector

Professional female players collaborated with CCM to develop an advanced line of protective equipment. The Jetspeed FTW collection boasts innovative adjustment features, d3o® smart material, and other game-changing specifications that you’ll appreciate. Women designed this gear for women.

The premium molded foam makes the adjustable chest panel, designed to fit any body shape or size, providing comfortable and reliable protection.

These lightweight caps with impact-absorbing D3O® Smart Material provide high-level protection without adding extra weight. They sit low on your shoulders for better comfort.

This product features a Comfort Side Gusset and Adjustable Straps. CCM included extra side coverage to protect from unexpected hits and a strap system that can be adjusted for a custom length.

Additionally, the product includes a removable belly pad.

This CCM product includes a height-adjustable floating bicep that provides comfortable and less restrictive elite low-profile protection. It also features anatomical molded PE for maximum protection for the back, and floating clavicle protection which is a must-have for protection in a key impact area.


Pad SizeHeightChest
Small4’11” – 5’3″28″ – 32″
Medium5’3″ – 5’7″33″ – 36″
Large5’7″ – 5’11”36″ – 40″
Sarah Nurse wears CCM Jetspeed FTW Hockey Shoulder Pads.
The best shoulder pads for women
Photo by Courtney

2. Bauer Vapor X-W Women’s Shoulder Pads

  • Low-profile shoulder cap
  • Thermo-max liner to keep you dry
  • Anatomically shaped vest
  • Expensive

Bauer Vapor X-W Women’s Shoulder Pads

Bauer Hockey released the Bauer Vapor X-W Women’s Shoulder Pads in 2020. These shoulder pads are designed to provide women’s hockey players with comfortable and unrestricted gear, allowing them to perform their best on the ice.

The front side panel of the vest has an anatomical shape and uses perforated foam and comfortable edges to prioritize the protection and comfort of female hockey players.

Additionally, it features a floating sternum with extended chest protection to offer extra protection to this crucial area.

Perforated foam on the back of this product allows for breathability during games. The low-profile shoulder pad design includes anatomically molded caps to provide mobility and protect against collisions along the boards or with other players.

The Bauer Vapor X-W Women’s Shoulder Pads are designed for women’s hockey players and provide enhanced protection with one-piece MD foam and PE inserts on the biceps.

They also feature Bauer’s Thermo Max liner to keep players cool during games. If you’re searching for shoulder pads with a perfect fit and excellent protection, these are a great choice.


Small12+4’11” – 5’3″30in. – 34in.
Medium12+5’3″ – 5’7″32in. – 36in.
Large15+5’7″ – 6’0″34in. – 38in.
X-Large15+5’7″ – 6’0″36in. – 40in.

3. STÄRK MFG NC9 Women’s Shoulder Pad

  • Adjustable Bicep pads and shoulder caps
  • Senior level protection
  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable
  • Expensive

STÄRK MFG NC9 Women’s Shoulder Pads

The MFG Shoulder pads for women were released in 2021.

Stark specially designs protective gear for female hockey players, considering their growth rate and body shape.

The Stark hockey shoulder pads include a segmented spine with an adjustable lower back, along with adjustable bicep pads and shoulder caps.

Additionally, the close-to-body compression breastplates provide excellent protection.

It is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, providing close-to-body protection that stays in place.

These shoulder pads are designed for players at the senior level, ensuring both safety and performance on the ice.

 STÄRK Hockey is the first hockey company to specifically design full lines of equipment specifically for girls!

Fitting Guide :  Stark

Shoulder WidthBand Bust 
Small Plus15-17″28-32″32-36″
Medium 16-19″32-36″35-38″
Large 17-20″36-39″38-42″

Final thoughts

As the PWHL becomes a reality, we eagerly anticipate major brands stepping up to provide a wider range of products tailored for women’s and girls’ hockey.

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